What Am I Doing?

I’m creating this blog as a result of a conference I presented at in October 2006 in Orlando. Though the Disney rodent was ubiquitous, there was nothing Mickey Mouse about the three-day session sponsored by Academic Impressions. In fact,”Integrating Interactive Technologies into Public Relations” was the most well-organized, thought-provoking conferences I’ve attended (except for CUPRAP, of course).

I learned a lot more than I gave.

Anyway, I couldn’t get the conference off my mind. I started looking at others’ blogs and doing more research. As far as the new technology, my specialty, as it were, is higher ed podcasting. I spent the summer of 2005 researching to come up with concept and content . We posted our Mansfield University Podcast in October 2005 and within a year had posted more than 125 show.

Within weeks of our first post, video casting (vodcasting is the term most people are using now) took off. Suddenly the West became wild again. No states, just territories.

I approach this blog as a dialog. I”ll post my observations, our experiments, explorations.

I’ll mix in stuff from nearly 40 years of writing experience (I started young; I was just coming off potty training when I began work as a newspaper reporter), and 30 years of higher education public relations in public and private institutions.

I want to thank a lot of people for giving me the inspiration to toss one more activity into my schedule (and all of you share this feeling, I know).

Thanks to Karine Joly at collegewebeditor.com for your interest in what we’re doing at Mansfield. Thanks to Betsy McNair at Academic Impressions for inviting me to speak. It was great meeting Paul Baker, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Joe Hice, University of Florida, Dan Karleen, Thomson Petersons, Charlie Melichar, Colgate University, Matthew Winkel of The College of New Jersey. And it was good seeing Bill Mahon of Penn State whom I’ve known (when are we getting rid of “whom?”) for two decades. He’s one of the most dedicated professionals in PR.

I want as much as anything to have fun with the blog. This is a great time (albeit a crazy time) to be in the communications business.

Comments, please.


4 responses to “What Am I Doing?

  1. Welcome to the higher ed marketing blogosphere, Dennis!

    Glad you’ve decided to join the conversation. I’ve already added you to my RSS reader. So, make sure you keep posting!

  2. Howdy, Dennis,
    Great to see your new blog! Thanks for the mention. It was a pleasure meeting you on Orlando, too. I have to concur – that was one of the most gratifying conferences in recent memory.
    Happy podcasting,

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