Google Docs Rocks

I’m writing this blog on
In fact, I’m doing all my writing on docs
When my news director wrote the last issue of our alumni quarterly, he posted it on docs where I edited it. At one point, both of us were working on it at the same time.
If I had a question, I wrote it in a different color ink
When it was ready for our designer, she simply copied and pasted it onto her software.
Several of us are working on historical articles for our sesquicentennial (one of the most tongue-unfriendly words in English). The writers post their articles to our shared site where I can edit at my own pace. (I was going to say “at my leisure” but that doesn’t apply anymore). When they’re ready to be posted, I simply give our IT department access. They cut-and-past and upload.Okay, I’m spoiled. Whatever I’m working on is simply saved to so when I go home I can keep working without having to email it to myself, or carry a jump drive (which I refuse to wear around my neck).
Does Google own me?
They don’t have my wedding ring yet.
But they’re probably working on it.


One response to “Google Docs Rocks

  1. Agreed. I’m having a great time with Google Docs, too. Through the course of a week, I’m working at five or six different computers, so it’s great to be able to hop into a document from anywhere. Bren at Slackermanager and I are collaborating on two conference sessions this spring, and we’re using Google Docs to gather our thoughts and create outlines. We can be in the document together, and the other can see changes being made, virtually in real time. But it gets worse: I’m also becoming a slave to Google Calendar. That’s how my wife and I keep in sync. 🙂

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