Find & Tame a Jedi Web Geek

If you’re over 50 or even maybe over 40 and you’re trying to explore the Web– Web 1, Web 2.0, Windows, Mac — you need a Jedi Web Geek.
Because alone you are nothing. You are an amoeba,  mindlessly dividing off yourself and gaining nothing but dividing off yourself (Goodbye part of me; it was nice knowing you . Maybe I’ll see you in another division).
If you’re a marketing or PR professional, chances are you’ve spent years honing your writing and communication skills and learned only as much technical stuff as you need.
If you’re in a college setting you’re lucky.  In fact, get down on your knees and thank the deity of your choice.   College campuses are teeming with Jedi Web Geeks.
Find one.  Ingratiate yourself.  Hire the person through work study.  Give the kid an internship  As you get to know each other, take him or her to lunch or dinner.
They’re a cheap date.  They love pizza or MacDonald’s.  Their idea of a big night out is a double cheeseburger with fries.  If they’re a freshman they’ll still glow with a Happy Meal.  Give them time to play with the latest movie-tie-in toy.
Then hit them up for guidance.  Make it clear right up front that you understand the questions are elementary, things the Jedi had the answers to  when he was four years old.
If you’re insecure, then let her know that your ignorance in all things computer is compensated for in life experience.  JWG won’t care but it might make you feel better.
Do I have a Jedi? 
Sure do
Whenever he’s in my part of the universe, we meet at MacDonald’s at exactly 5:20 p.m. (his rule, not mine).  I share what I’ve read in the latest Wired Magazine and in different blogs.  He catches me up on Google and we nod complacently knowing that our lives have been Google-ized.  We are Google-bots.  We know it and beg for more Google beta.
Treat your Jedi Web Geek with respect. Ask them politely to slow the hell down as their fingers dance around the keyboard making it all look like, well, child’s play. . . .
Make your JWG understand that he or she has to move in extra slow motion and explain things in the most elementary terms.  In fact, they might have to explain it several times.  Sure they’re going to think your a Neanderthal. Just remember:  They have to earn that Happy Meal.
A good Jedi Web Geek will bring much enlightenment to your little corner of the Web universe.  Just be realistic enough to understand you will not live long enough to learn even half of what they’ve forgotten.
If you’re reading this and for some reason your not in higher education, find a busy street corner and stand there with a sign: “Will trade Big Mac For Web Savvy.”   Or maybe “Dinosaur Seeks Next Step in Evolution.  Sees Glass As Half Full.”
Find a Jedi Web Geek or two today.  Nurture them.
When they outgrow you and move on, find another.
And may the force stay with you.


2 responses to “Find & Tame a Jedi Web Geek

  1. then there are the Sith Web geeks. Those that ‘help’ you out by leaving trojans/rootkits behind in your inbox and desktop.
    One simple visit to the wrong web page or a simple command can render you helpless in the face of the Sith web geek.

  2. Thanks for the mention. I do what I can. I’d say we make a pretty good team.

    Jedi Web Geek…I like it!

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