Google to Communicate with Dead Part 2

 Continued from Google to Communicate with Dead

“We’re very excited,” the Google person said. “You can actually now ask Socrates what his last thoughts were as he chatted and sipped hemlock. Ask Plato what he thinks an individual is now?

Did Moses feel any remorse about having a tantrum and smashing two perfectly divine tablets?

And when you talk code, who better to dialog with than DaVinci?(url) Let’s get these mysteries solved and get Dan Brown .”
Was Einstein  on the money with E=mc2? Ask him. Maybe he’s had second thoughts. Oh, Wait! Didn’t he leave his brain down here in a jar?

“Basically,” Google person added, “Wikipedia will become little more than a cyber thrift shop of second hand information once Google Dead is born.”

“We see our new program as being most helpful to faculty and staff in higher education. They’ve been asking the same questions for hundreds of years. Now, maybe they can get answers and actually make some progress in the whole business of teaching and running colleges.”

Questions do not have to be so lofty,” the spokesperson emphasized. “Let’s find out who kidnapped the Lindbergh baby. Between Google Maps and Google Dead we can locate Amelia Earhart.”

Google also hopes someone will answer the great 20th century question: Is Elvis really dead?

Is the project too ambitious? “Look, it only took us a few years to organize the world,” Google person said. ” Communication with the dead is such an obvious next step. The project has really taken on a life of its own.”
Asked if they’re not stepping over the bounds, the spokesperson just smiled. “Google has never known bounds.”
The spokesman wouldn’t confirm the rumor that the company will seek out Jerry Garcia  for a theme song.
Google’s next project is to map Heaven and Hell.
I’ll talk about it in the next blog.


When Google Dead is up, who is the one person you’d most like to communicate with. What question would you ask? What would you hope the answer would be?


4 responses to “Google to Communicate with Dead Part 2

  1. I once asked my deceased uncle where he hid the family treasure (he was just that sort). In a dream he led me to a jar of red peppers. I searched the house while cleaning and found – get this – a can – a giant can – the type you buy at a food warehouse – of red peppers that had burst from age and heat. My guess is that a smell alerted my subconsious and brought it up in a dream. That or perhaps my uncle doesn’t think that highly of me.

    I’d ask him again. Selfish, isnt it?

  2. I’d definitely ask him again. Maybe he doesn’t like you, or maybe it’s the first clue to the real treasure.

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  4. Do Animals have an immortal soul?
    My dog was my best friend and dare I say it? Soul mate. She loved me and I loved her. I do not know what moral bounds there are, but when it comes to unconditional love, my Punkin was there for me. When she died I was devastated. The loss for me is unrecoverable. I loved her more than any being ever.
    I would so desire to speak with her again.

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