CUPRAP + AES = 2 Much

I mentioned a couple posts back that I’m presenting on the subject of podcasting at a teleconference sponsored by American Educational Services in Harrisburg, PA.

I mentioned in the last post that I’m currently in Hershey, PA at the CUPRAP conference. (That’s the College and University Public Relations Association of Pennsylvania).

That’s right. I committed myself to two conferences at the same time!

Talk about not paying attention.

So I’ll be driving between the two over the next two days.

The best part of CUPRAP is seeing friends and colleagues, exchanging news of our campuses and updating each other about families and the aging process.

I was on the board for several years. Now, without that responsibility, the conference is actually relaxing. While the program of speakers is really good, the one thing I’ve noticed is that most colleagues have not fully entered the Web 2.0 world. Some have not even begun. I’m going to suggest for next year’s program some folks like Karine Joly and some of the folks I met at the Academic Impressions conference last fall.

I know moving into the Web 2.0 isn’t easy on top of everything else in a PR/marketing professional’s hectic schedule, but it’s increasingly necessary to stay competitive. I’ve been finding that out this semester at Mansfield University. The video side is moving a lot slower than I wanted. The easy part, buying the equipment, is done.

Now we’re trying to come up with the concept for content and squeeze one more hour out of the day.

It will happen.

Okay. Time to watch Lost.


3 responses to “CUPRAP + AES = 2 Much

  1. Hershey? I love chocolate!

    Looking forward to watching your new videos.

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