Hotel Hershey: Great Marketing

So I’m sitting in the 7th floor room of the Hotel Hershey, one of the classiest hotels ever. Built by Milton Hershey at the turn of the century it’s a sprawling, spacious nod to Spanish styling. But that’s not what makes the Hotel Hershey so classy– it’ s the management. You never see the management but you see the people they train. It goes like this:

You enter the front door as the doorman holds it open with a smile and says good morning. The clerks at the desk smile and greet you. All of this you might expect. But as you walk down the long, winding hallway past the gift shop and beanery, a maid passes you, smiles and says hi. A maintenance man getting off the elevator smiles and says hi. Soon you’re in the swing of things and nodding and saying hello to anyone who doesn’t look like a guest.

Now, I know, and you know, that not every employee is having a good day. But you’d never guess it by their greeting, even their body language.

I’ve been staying at The Hershey Hotel for 25 years. The faces of the employees may change, but the smiles and greetings never stop.

When you enter your room after a day of meetings, the bed is turned down and two Hershey’s kisses are on your pillow.

The crowning touch is the walls that are lined with early photos of the town, the hotel, Milton Hershey, families, kids. The photos quietly speak of unabashed pride of one’s history and heritage.

Many hotels have one or two of the above but The Hotel Hershey has it all.

It’s marketing at its best.


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