Six TV Cameras Part 2

There were two guests ahead of me, Paul Gilroy, president and CEO of TranSendED and Denise Coulter, director of Financial Aid at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.

The WITF folks told us their six cameras would occasionally they would cut to a shot showing all of us. So we should be looking at the presenter and be interested, nodding thoughtfully.   So I did, all the while finding myself half listening and rooting for Paul, then Denise.  You can do it, guys.  You’re doing great.  Oops, little stumble, but you recovered nicely.  You’re still with the script on the prompter
Before I knew it, moderator Patty Hladio, director of Financial Aid at Slippery Rock University said, “Dennis, you’ve been doing podcasting. . .”
I started in and away we went.  At one point either I strayed or the prompter operator wasn’t with me (I’m sure it was me).   I looked up and what I was saying wasn’t even close to where I was supposed to me.  In moments like this there is no time to panic.  I said something like, “We’ll get caught up with each other . . .” which we did and very soon my 15 minutes were finished.

Gregory Martin, senior training specialist at the U.S. Dep’t of Education and Lisa Mixon, assistant directory of Public Relations sand Marketing at Harcum College closed it out.

After the two hour conference was finished we all shook hands and congratulated each other.  Kathryn Griffiths from AES said everything was great.  There were no glitches.  The feedback was coming in very positive.  AES had more questions coming in from around the country than they’d had in their previous 11 years of conferences.  We had lunch and the room was full of talk and laughter.  For myself I’ve never felt such relief.  

But the most important  thing was the feeling of camaraderie you have with people who were strangers two days before.  We shared a unique and intense experience and even though we might not ever see each other again, it created special bond that I, at least, will remember for a long, long time.

It’s a feeling of aliveness.

I had agreed to present at the conference with two goals.  One was to continue sharing information about podcasting.  The other was to promote Mansfield University to others across the country.

Did it!


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