Narcissistic? Guess So.

Some stories spread like wildfire fueled by gasoline. The student narcissism story that made the rounds in early March was one.

Nearly all the students I know at Mansfield University are nice, considerate, polite and respectful. I’m talking about students holding a door for you (as I do for them). I’ve been in meetings with them, and met with them one-on-one. My work study students are models of hard-working, young people from working class families. I found the narcissism study hard to believe. So I decided to ask two of my podcast students. One is a general ed major getting ready for a semester in Mexico and one is a chemistry major with an emphasis in forensics.

Their answers surprised me.

They agreed with most of the study.

You can listen to the conversation on the Mansfield University Podcast. Hearing their ideas in their own words always provides new insight into their lives and thoughts.


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