Read “User Generation”

For the past couple years I’ve felt that if an article is in a monthly magazine, it’s usually at least six months behind info you can find on the web.

Okay, after attending the College University PR Association of Pennsylvania recently, I found, as I mentioned in a previous post, that most higher ed PR pros have not even wiggled their toes in Web 2.0 waters.

So, fellow PR people, read “User Generation,” an excellent summary of all 2.0 by  Karine Joly in the March issue of CASE Currents.  The collegewebeditor founder gives the background on 2.0 and breaks all aspects into understandable, bite-sized chunks.

She also rather brilliantly one-ups Marshall McLuhan’s “the medium is the message” by concluding that “the conversation is the message.”


Karine also includes plenty of examples, sites and blogs to visit or subscribe to.  She also mentions Mansfield University podcast and the University of Florida as well as a number of other universities and sites.

Really, you need to read this if you’re not in the 2.0 world because sooner or later you will have to be.

CASE Currents is a member-only magazine but most higher ed people are either members or should have access to it.

That’s right.  CASE publishes an article on Web 2.0 communications and does not make it available outside its own paper pages.

Great irony.  The CASE  bureaucracy cannot keep pace with its own content.

Nevertheless, try to get the article.  It’s worth the effort.  If you can’t, subscribe to and you’ll get all the information and more.

Next post, an equally important article by Joe Hice, University of Florida on “Hiding In Plain Sight.”


3 responses to “Read “User Generation”

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  2. Hello. I appreciate the thoughts about Web access but do need to correct the perception that CURRENTS is not available online. CURRENTS is actually posted online before the print edition comes out (see, and back issues since 1998 are also available and searchable online. It does require log-in access, as CURRENTS, like many association magazines, is a benefit to professional CASE members for which their institutions pay an additional fee above and beyond the costs for institutional membership. We make some career development and management content available at the CASE Career Center online without requiring professional membership. We are also assessing other types of content that we can make available without erroding the value of CURRENTS for those who pay to receive it.
    We always welcome input from members.

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