This American Life & The Great American Stories

I won’t say Ira Glass is my hero because the image, the concept of hero has been commercialized, overused and, (as Amerian media is wont to do,) driven into the dusty bargain bin of overused words, phrases and slogans.

But I’ve been following This American Life since it debuted on PRI in 1996.

I’m indebted to Director Tom for picking up this link from yet Idea Sandbox. Check out the Ira Glass promos–on YouTube– for his new show that begins airing March 22 on Showtime.

Ira is a radio pioneer, using the oldest concept in human history — the story — which I’ve talked about before.

Also, check the wikipedia entries on him. Fascinating information.

I have two favorite TAM shows. For pure laughs it’s the Squirrel Story told by a New York police officer. The second, for drama and insights into the human condition, is the story of inmates in a Louisiana (I think) penitentiary who stage a version of Hamlet. ( I did do a quick search of the TAM archives but just plain ran out of time).

Do you have a favorite This American Life episode?

Let me know. I’d love to do a post on favorite This American Life shows.


2 responses to “This American Life & The Great American Stories

  1. Thanks for sharing my post on This American Life!

    Glad you are able to share this with others.

    I believe the Showtime series of This American Lfe begins Thusday…can’t wait!

    Take care,

  2. Thanks, Tom. Yes, it’s Thursday at 10:30 p.m. I have my DVR set.

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