A Note From CASE

In my March 13 post about Karine Joly’s CASE CURRENTS article on the User Generation I said it was too bad the article wasn’t available on the Web. (It is available for a limited time).

Rae Goldsmith from CASE, sent a comment explaining CASE’s position, and in fairness to the organization –of which I’m a member — I’m reprinting here, since many who already read the post might not see the comment.

“Hello. I appreciate the thoughts about Web access but do need to correct the perception that CURRENTS is not available online. CURRENTS is actually posted online before the print edition comes out (see www.case.org), and back issues since 1998 are also available and searchable online. It does require log-in access, as CURRENTS, like many association magazines, is a benefit to professional CASE members for which their institutions pay an additional fee above and beyond the costs for institutional membership. We make some career development and management content available at the CASE Career Center online without requiring professional membership. We are also assessing other types of content that we can make available without erroding the value of CURRENTS for those who pay to receive it.
We always welcome input from members.”


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