Hilary, Barak & the New Marketing

By now you’ve probably seen the Hilary Clinton/1984 mashup because in today’s world, word-of-mouth translates into instant international. Any of us in the business immediately saw the potential of this type of marketing.

Apparently many others did, too. What intrigues me about this is:

-the speed at which it flashed through the cyber world;

-the speed with which others produced other similar parodies;

-the fact that someone opened the door to a new style of guerilla marketing, one that could distort facts and become more vicious than the last election’s TV ads;

-the fact that commercial TV news covered it. Basically, traditional media is reporting regularly on a medium that is quickly eating into traditional media;

-candidates en masse are going to pull ad dollars from TV and radio and put them into web video production;

I’m going to continue to follow this phenomenon.

Any opinions? Anything I’ve missed?


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