More Directions

I want share some discoveries, thoughts and seek some feedback today. Karine Joly of collegewebeditor has a couple new and important articles. In Should higher ed institutions use social working websites, she interviews Facebook expert Fred Stutzman who explores the growing importance — and pitfalls — of sites like myspace and facebook in the marketing and recruiting process.

Her article 5 rules to market your university to prospective students using Facebook, MySpace and other social networking websites hit home to me as did invade a student’s space. She was a work study student of mine and had agreed that we could communicate on facebook. A couple weeks later she very politely suggested we go back to email, adding that “I prefer it,” so I knew that I was very out-of-place on her friend list.

Read the articles. They’re informative and helpful.

Technorati has acquired a company called Personal Bee says “the Bee platform will help expand Technorati’s Conversational Marketing System, our product that helps brands to engage their audience and enter the global conversation. . . “

Sifry describes the site as “a media collection platform that enables the each of us to curate and publish our own personal sites around topics, issues, or anything else we choose. It lets anyone (that means you) create and update collections of interesting citizen and mainstream media, publish them to a personal or public page, and start a following. . . .

“It’s all about democratizing the media. Social media has always been social for the people creating it, and now the people consuming it will get to join the fun. Anyone can be a publisher without having to write a blog, create a video, or anything else. All of us, the people formerly known as the audience, can create and publish collections of many forms of media, and attract our own audience if we choose.”

I checked out the site and it has large potential for folks in marketing and PR. For example, it looks like I could create a page and post Karine’s article, Dave’s article, the latest from Director Tom or even Lonely Girl 15. So, if I understand Personal Bee, as a consumer of these articles, I can collect them and publish them pretty much as my own e-newspaper so you have everything on one site instead of publishing them as links in this blog.

So Dave, or Ted Shelton, founder of Personal Bee, correct me if I’m wrong. This is one of those sites that feels exciting if used right. I’d like others to take a look at it and send in your comments, thoughts and ideas.

The key here is that creators and consumers can become publishers and grow their own audience.



6 responses to “More Directions

  1. Very cool…thanks a lot for sharing the Personal Bee link!

    I just registered and will tinker with it over the week. Coming from Technorati, I got to think the implications will be far-reaching in due time.

    Take care,
    Thomas Clifford
    Coporate Documentary Filmmaker

  2. Coming from Technorati, I got to think the implications will be far-reaching in due time.

    Yes, I agree. Keep me posted if you do anything with it and what you might be doing.
    BTW, I thought about you while watching the This American Life show about the fellow who paints Christ scenes using volunteers. It had some of the most stunning images I’ve ever seen.

  3. Sure, will keep you posted!

    This American Life has made my year! The filmmaking style is different from my own style, which I clearly welcome.

    The images are truly stunning. As a producer, I’m really in awe of the stories they discover and actually capture on tape. That, to me, is the most compelling part of the series.

    I think 10 years from now we will look back at these Showtime specials as something truly special, indeed.

  4. Yes, you understand the idea behind Personal Bee and we are now working to make it an integral part of Technorati and even more exciting… Thanks for taking an interest in what we are doing!

  5. Glad I got it right. Keep me posted on your progress, Ted, and I’ll share the news.

  6. Excellent site, keep up the good work

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