Advertising Age Reacts to Web 2.0

Two articles in Advertising Age today aren’t anything new to most of us but it’s interesting to see their writers’ take on the news and branding angles of the Virginia Tech tragedy.

Big Media Blunted by Blacksburg Tragedy

Will No Longer Be Able to Control Major News Events as Victims’ Own Images, Words Tell Story

Whether it sparks a meaningful debate on issues such as guns or mental health, one thing is certain about the Virginia Tech massacre: It will go down as our first Web 2.0 national nightmare.

News Flash: Anything This Graphic Should Never Have A Logo by Simon Dumenco is downright bitter and he makes a good case. His conclusion:

We’ve come to the point at which murderous psychopaths and TV news executives are of the same mind when it comes to human tragedy: It’s a branding opportunity.

Traditional media is catching up with 2.0.

The reaction is fear and anger.


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