Podcast Boom or Bust?

This is a three-part tale of university podcasting .

I was in on it close to the beginning. We posted our first podcast show October 18, 2005.

We received a lot of publicity. A lot. It was a PR person’s dream. We received coverage with two Associated Press stories. We were mentioned in a ton of roundup articles. Our program was the subject of feature stories in several magazines. Bloggers around the world picked up on it.

I was in early enough to claim the title Mansfield University Podcast so if you do a search for university podcast, we come up #3 out of nearly 42 million sites.

2006 was the “year of podcasting.” It was everywhere in the media. It was cute, exotic, hi-tech and human. It also answered every male’s (and quite a few females) dream of having his or her own radio show.

2006 ended with podcasting as the “word of the year. Yes, it was over-hyped but what the hell, this is America. Then the hype died quickly, as it does when it’s been overdone (except in the cases of Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie and Nicole Smith).

It’s still part of the media landscape. Commercial network websites have podcasts and vidcasts. NPR has podcasts of shows. Faculty have adopted it across the country. Podcasting has morphed it into numerous useful shapes.

Now the publicity ride is over.

A few months ago CollegeWebEditor editor Karine Joly asked where we were on podcasting a year after her first interview with me. I responded, but her question has been with me ever since.

Just where are we with podcasting and what effect has it had on recruiting and general publicity.

I have some answers. And some of them may surprise you.

I’m now shaping that information for my next post.


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