YouTube, Karine & Mozart

In response to my YouTube post, Karine Joly wrote, in part:

And, how about doing a video that will target the young women and their daughters by using their brothers or sons as carriers. If you can get the guys interested enough to look at the video and share it with the women in their life you might achieve your goals.

I started to respond several times and quit. If YouTube users are young guys looking for humor and gross stuff, would Karine’s idea work? My first response was “no.”

Then I realized I’m doing exactly what she suggested. In previous posts, I’ve talked about the importance of storytelling. I also talked about doing a series of “compelling stories” with students, faculty and staff. Well, we’re doing just that. The first in the series is with Mozart Guerrier, a black Philadelphia native of Haitian descent. Mozart majors in psychology and writes some pretty powerful street poetry. In the video he talks about poetry and performs one hard-hitting piece that’s absolutely riveting.

I also did a second interview with him for an audio podcast, which is posted in two parts: Mozart and the Power of the Spoken Word.


(Let me note here that I’m not doing this to promote the shows. I’ve said from the beginning that I’m exploring, experimenting and sharing—ups, downs and everything in between.)

The “compelling” series is interesting in the sense that audio podcasts and video are different in nature, rhythm, length and interview technique. I’ve been giving thought to the quick exchanges Director Tom and I have had about This American Life’s entrance into the world of television.

We’ll be uploading the video to YouTube (and to Karine), early next week. It could take off. It could flop. Or it could be just another one of the millions of videos floating around the vast cyber land of YouTube.

I’ll let you know.



One response to “YouTube, Karine & Mozart

  1. Thanks for the tip, Billy Blogging Poet. I’ll check it out!

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