Mozart and CASE Currents

The first in my experimental video recruiting series, “Compelling Stories” is posted on YouTube.  Mozart Gerrier definitely is compelling.

On the PR side, I’ll keep you posted on reaction.  I’d also like yours.

On the technical side the file size was too large for YouTube’s restrictions. We had a choice of cutting out the opening interview and just using the performance or compressing it with less quality.  Normally I go for quality but in this case I felt that the interview added a whole new dimension to the student as artist and person.

If anyone has any tips on compression I’d appreciate hearing from you.

*            *            *

My thanks to Patricia Quigley of Rowan University and the editors of Currents, the CASE monthly, for including this blog in its “Calendar Pearls,” an “abridged list of resources for PR pros.”  Readers  apparently took it to heart because I had a pretty significant spike when it appeared.

A few others who were highlighted included Karine Joly,  Steve Rubel, and Dan Kennedy.


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