I Didn’t Cheat on Lonely Girl

I unwittingly*  seemed to have stumbled upon the perfect headline magnet.
It was my last post.  The headline: Lonely Girl: Sex, Mystery and Web 2.0.  It’s pulled in the most downloads of any of my 67 posts.
Makes sense.  Let’s take a look at it.  Let’s tear  it apart,  analyze the hell out of it and leave it in helpless shards as academia loves to do.
Lonely Girl:  something straight out of a spam tag so I’m sure I attracted a lot of lonely guys; probably a bunch of lonely girls, too.
Sex: the most popular word on the web.  What the hell, the most popular word in our culture.
Mystery: everyone loves a good mystery, especially when it involves lonely girls and sex.
Web 2.0This may have attracted a couple people.  When I introduce Web 2.0 into a conversation on campus, I am still met with questioning looks. When I explain it, the questioning look turns into a glassy-eyed stare.  It’s  big in the Wired world, friends, but it has some long, lonely miles to go to become a pop culture phrase.
So, while I attracted a lot of new readers, I don’t think they’re ones who will come back.  But it taught me a lesson.  If you want to really start your search engines, keep your list of red words handy, toss one into a headline, tag it, and watch the readers roll in, whether you want them or not.
It makes me want to write a boiler plate disclaimer: “I feel your disappointment.  My apologies.  It’s just one of the hazards of Web 2.0.  BTW, Lonely girl is 20-something and sex really is a mystery.”

*Who does anything wittingly?   (I wittingly discovered that my friend’s wife was cheating on him with his mistress).


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