Dick Jones, John Lennon, Events & Ideas

Dick Jones of Dick Jones Communication did a guest blog (see last post) which for me was like a really subtle hot sauce.  It goes down easy and then, a moment later, your mouth’s on fire.  Dick is  not a real tech savvy person but when it comes to the new media, he gets it.
He states the obvious with such directness that I wonder why I hadn’t thought about it before.
In the Web 2.0 world, Dick is right.  Every faculty member should be blogging and building his or her own audience.  But there are two major challenges here.
1.  We’ve spent the last 50 years convincing faculty to rely on us, the PR folks.  Now we want to educate them to rely upon themselves.  It won’t happen overnight.
2.  When I talked with my IT person months ago about showing the music faculty how to blog and how to build their audience, her response was, “And you’ll be responsible to help them when they call with questions on how to do some technical part?”
Hmm.  No.  I’m going to have to make the idea of a blog so appealing that faculty will take it on and solve their tech issues with students.  Somewhere there’s an answer.  It will take time.
I’m in the middle of a new admissions package.  I’m working on events for our 150th anniversary.  I’m creating a new series of radio spots and proofing new  publications.  I’m doing what you’re doing and trying to make room for what I need to do.
As John Lennon said:  “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
From this blog, presentations I’ve given and lots of emails and phone calls, I sense a lot of frustration in the PR world, but I also see it as a really exciting time.
Creating change isn’t always easy, but it should be fun.
I’m frustrated but I’m having a ball.
Why?  Because I keep making little steps with my eye always on the possibilities. . . .
I’m going to ask Dick to have a blog dialog with me to see where it will take us.  I hope you’ll jump in with comments and ideas.


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