Kubrik, The Chronicle and Sweet Corn

It’s Sunday afternoon. The thermometer reads 110 degrees in the sun but it’s probably more like 95. I sit on the deck that overlooks a patio my wife and I built from field stone given to us by the former Mansfield University admissions director, a dear friend who died in his late 50s of lung cancer.
I’m reading a treatise on Stanley Kubrik in the August 3, 2007 issue of the Chronicle. Before that I skimmed through the latest issue of Mac World.
I’m relating this because I cannot bring myself to read any professional blogs or listen to any podcasts today. I’m on overload.
I’ve spent three weeks, night and day (hence the slow down on blog postings) writing a five-year marketing plan, of which, the first two, maybe three years, are valid. The incredible pace of developing technology and changing methods of communication prevent detailed planning for five years down the road.
The iPod was introduced in October 2001 by one of the most innovative labs in the world. YouTube was created in February 2005 by three former Pay Pal employees. Both revolutionized communications in equal measures.
The all-too-common question in PR is: what’s next?
I don’t even want to think about it. I’m trying to keep up with: what’s now?”

At the same time, I’m still formulating the creation of an interactive, multimedia news site, a new blog totally different than anything out there at this point, and more videos. Our “video portraits” are doing a respectable job and I think will gain in popularity as we progress.

But right now I’m on overload. I won’t say “burned out.” I will say I need to focus on non higher ed things while I recharge.

Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed, burned out or on low charge? What do you do to re-energize?

(And believe me, it’s not a rhetorical question!)

Now, I’m going to grill some burgers, boil the sweet corn and slice the tomatoes that I bought at the local farm market, and enjoy an August dinner on our deck with my family.


3 responses to “Kubrik, The Chronicle and Sweet Corn

  1. You’re not alone, Dennis. The BBQ-therapy is probably the best one 😉

    I try to unplug during the weekend. No email checking, no blog reading, actually no computer.

  2. In Wisconsin we drink beer, eat brats, drink beer, watch football and drink beer — it does the trick.

  3. Karine, you must have a will of steel to actually stay away from the computer for a weekend at a time.
    I do, however, think tsand’s method of recharging is worth a try. Yes, I’m definitely going to try it.

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