Blog Action Day

I just signed up to participate in Blog Action Day October 15.  The premise is to see what can happen if on the same day everyone with a blog writes about the same issue.
The subject for the first Blog Action Day is The Environment.
This is really a mind-blowing concept considering there are millions of bloggers with tens of millions of readers.
Find out more about it.
Already 1,200 bloggers from around the world have signed up (actually 1,222 since I registered my two blogs; this and my Perfect Song site.
If you have a site, sign up.  This is a great experiment.  Things like this have been done with thought, prayer and various quantum physics experiments.  A worldwide thought via blog is a natural.  If you don’t have a site, just blog surf on October 15.  There will be plenty of thoughts, opinions, and, I’m sure, scientific blogs about the subject.
I found this experiment and site while catching up on Director Tom.  So Tom, thanks.
I’m dutifully, and enthusiastically spreading the word.
Anyway, Blog Action Day, October 15.  Start your computers  and rev your blogs.


6 responses to “Blog Action Day

  1. Glad to see this post and that you are spreading the world!

    It’ll be a year on Thursday since I started the site, so I welcome comments and feedback to make the site better for every reader.

    All the best and thanks for following my work. 🙂

  2. brightlightwarriornika

    this is awesome 😀

  3. Tom,
    I’m not sure how you would make your site better. Your posts are always concise and clear, and they always have information that is useful. As far as this reader is concerned, my advice is to just keep the posts coming. I did download the manifesto and will read it soon.

  4. You’re absolutely right — I have not attended the program, and what I’ve supposed about the community and its cohesiveness is pure speculation on my part. ,

  5. Well I picked the wrong picture, but my impressions partially match the location. ,

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