Juggling 3 Blogs & Dropping The Ball

I was checking my blog stats here this afternoon and was mildly surprised and embarrassed.  I uploaded a post here that should have gone on my personal blog.  Here’s the deal.  I have two blogs and a website.  The web revolves around my novel, The Perfect Song.  The blog is a light look at the life of a middle-aged suburban guy in the 21st century.  It also contains a  spoken version of my book with  music and sound effects.

So it was as out of place here as a Big Mac at a fruit stand.   How did it happen?  Too many projects, too much in a hurry.

I apologize for the inconvenience to my readers who I know are also busy professionals.

(Please note that I could have linked to my sites because some folks might be interested but it struck me as a kissing cousin to link baiting and I didn’t want to take away from my message, which was: I need to pay closer attention. . . . )


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