Webinar Series on Podcasting

Karine Joly recently  asked me if I would do a webinar on Creating Engaging Podcasts

I said yes.
Then I realized I didn’t know what a webinar is.
So I signed up for one of collegewebeditor’s webinars and was pleasantly surprised.  Karine has done a great job organizing the structure behind the scenes.  The presenters were good and I  came away knowing more about using video in recruiting than I did before.  And I’m now in with the masses who do know what a webinar is. 

 I’ve spoken to some colleagues who were in the same boat I was, so here’s a poor man’s explanation:  

A webinar is a live presentation with power point in which you can also play audio and video.  There’s a question and answer period after the presentation. The big selling point here is the price, $150 for three one-hour presentations and your staff or others can join you.  $150.  No travel.  No motels, stale bagels and tepid coffee.  You don’t have to politely applaud afterwards because the presenter can’t hear you anyway.
I’ll be doing the presentation November 7 at 1 p.m. 

I’ll be between Micah Ovadia, Digital Designer at the University of Cincinnati who will present Podcasting 101: How to record and produce your podcasts with ease November 6 at 1p.m.  and Ken Ronkowitz, Web Manager at NJIT, who will present To be or not to be an iTunes U(niversity)? Get the scoop from an insider November 8, at 1 p.m.

Like any presentation, preparation forced me to organize and explain things that I’ve taken for granted.  I’ve been doing podcasting for two years and audio production for about 15 years (yes!  I remember the days of tape!) so a lot of things like interview techniques and the art of using a microphone, I don’t really think much about.

More on that in a future post. 

If you’ve been thinking about jumping into podcasting – and it should be part of your marketing mix—click here.

Webinars.  What’ll they think of next?


4 responses to “Webinar Series on Podcasting

  1. Dennis,

    Thanks for posting about your experience as an attendee. I look forward to your webinar in November.

    One precision though about the price: this reflects a 50% discount offered to HEE members in 2007.

    At CASE or Academic Impressions, it usually costs between $249 and $350 for a single webinar, so I guess even without this special discount HEE series will stay competitive even in 2008.

  2. We podcast at UNL…but have not done much in following up to monitor use.

    I just started a blog…would love your thoughts on my initial post.


  3. Thanks for the comment, Schad. I looked at your first blog and think it’s a great start. I’ll email you with a couple of thoughts.
    And you guys have a great video series. I’ve been a fan for several months and really enjoyed David’s presentation on Karine’s webinar series last week.

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