Podcasting Made Easy. Really.

This is a reminder and plug for the upcoming HEE webinar, Podcasting Made Easy,  November 6-8 in which I’ll be a presenter.  As I mentioned before, this is my first webinar.  I’ve put a lot of thought and time into it to make it the best presentation I can.  It’s about creating engaging podcasts.  I’ll have a lot of tips, approaches and suggestions, along with excerpts from various shows to illustrate what I’m talking about.
Basically, I’m covering ground that answers questions that I’ve had from folks at presentations I’ve done around the country: interview techniques, style, understanding your microphone, loving your voice, editing.  I’ve included excerpts of students talking about maturing and learning about themselves, a talk with the man who went to college with Darth and what it felt like to later become the voice of Jesus and God (and everyone else in the New Testament).  I talk with Maravene Loeschke, who hates broccoli and found, as a new college president, one small declaration had consequences beyond what she imagined.
And as a bonus I’ll share one of the heartiest and most infectious laughs of this century so far.
I’ll be between Micah Ovadia, Digital Designer at the University of Cincinnati who will present Podcasting 101: How to record and produce your podcasts with ease November 6 at 1p.m.  and Ken Ronkowitz, Web Manager at NJIT, who will present To be or not to be an iTunes U(niversity)? Get the scoop from an insider November 8, at 1 p.m.

Podcasting should be part of your marketing mix. If you’ve been thinking about it, you should be a part of this webinar.  There’s a lot of knowledge to be shared at a great low price.  And you don’t have to leave your office!

Check out the link and join the fun and  knowledge.


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