Yahoo!Kickstart Great Site for Colleges

I recently discovered Yahoo! Kickstart, a new (yes! Another!) social site, but this  one has a lot of potential.  Kickstart is a professional network with the goal of connecting college students, recent graduates, professionals and alumni of an individual school.  Students can search for internships or jobs.  They can get career advice and mentorship. 

It’s a great example of niche marketing.  Yahoo! has identified a need, an audience, and found what I think is a simple, effective way to meet that need.

We all know that networking is one of the best ways of starting a career or changing jobs.  Kickstart, if it takes off, will enable alumni to help fellow alumni, especially, (but not limited to), younger alumni or students.  It’s a  new way for alumni to give back to the university in the form of helping fellow alumni.

The site is pretty bare bones right now.  You create a professional profile, including a photo and (for me at least) start recruiting other alumni. 

I’ve corresponded with  Scott Gatz who is heading the project, who says Yahoo! Will be adding more features and growing the site according the suggestions from users.  Sounds good to me.

In a smooth marketing move, Yahoo! will donate $25,000 to the alumni association with the most profiles by Dec. 31, 2007.

If you’ve seen the new site, I’d like your thoughts.  I’d also like to share ideas on how this site can grow and be even more useful to individual colleges and universities.  Mansfield University has more than 20,000 alumni.  If we could sign up even half, what a useful organization this could be to alumni of all ages.  I would think it could be a vehicle for news  dissemination and for announcements of upcoming events.

I have other thoughts but I’ll save them for a future blog.

Check it out at

Send me your thoughts.


2 responses to “Yahoo!Kickstart Great Site for Colleges

  1. Have you found any features that are better than something LinkedIn might provide in terms of networking alumni, etc? And is there any way I can log in and update my college, add a new logo, etc?

  2. To me, the best feature is that the site let’s us focus on Mansfield alumni, enabling us to help each other, stay in contact, etc. I think it should be used along with LinkedIn.
    The exciting thing about Kickstart is that it’s new and the Yahoo folks are open to suggestions and direction.
    Yes, you can login and update information, add a logo, photo, etc.
    If you have ideas for additions, please email the folks at Yahoo.
    Hope you sign up!

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