2007 Top Tens

It’s a warm gray Sunday morning.  Light rain is melting the 10 inches of snow.  Hours are collecting into days that are quietly trudging toward the end of the year.  Al Gore was one of the few bright spots in another year cluttered with drug-dumb entertainers, lawmakers  who aren’t gay and never have been, baby battles and and Paris Hilton.  (I have never seen her on TV, listened to her or watched her have sex.)

The  final days of 2007 are a frenzy of Top 10 lists.  I read them, recognizing or understanding maybe half of the listings.  I always wonder:  why 10?  But it doesn’t matter.  It’s an encapsulation of our collective year.  I’m gong to search  the Net and share as many top 10 lists as I can.  As PR and marketing folks we need to understand the fast-shifting culture we’re in whether we agree with it or not.

First top 10: Simon Dumenco’s Epic Media Meltdowns from the Dec. 17, Ad Age on Line.

Second: John Rash’s Most Watched Shows of 2007.

Both are from Adage.com 

Reality check:  We’re hawking Socrates while the media is serving up Britney.

Okay.  I’m off to find more top 10s.


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