Flip and Text

We bought my daughter a Flip Video at her request. She’s 33 and not a techy type but she had it figured out in a few minutes. Within an hour she had something posted. The Flip comes, as it says, “YouTube ready.” My daughter’s goal with the Flip is to send us video post cards from her home in Alaska via YouTube. Millions of kids and young adults are communicating in a way pretty much unimaginable a decade ago.
At $179 they’re going to be one of the next big things. Communication continues to morph and expand before our eyes. . . .
When a new form of communication is born, an existing one is pushed further back.
Later in the day we all went to my mother’s house. I noticed that my 16-year -old niece kept looking at something in her hand. I finally realized it was her cell phone. She spent the entire afternoon checking messages and texting. I experienced what my faculty friends have already seen for a couple years. My niece was with us in body but not in mind. She was smiling at us and deftly (and silently) communicating with friends.
My point? Millions of kids are texting and I’m predicting that soon nearly as many will be “flipping.”
Once, we were reasonably sure they’d flip through a magazine and maybe see our ad, listen to their local radio station and hear our spot or watch TV and see our production. Now we can be just as sure they’re not doing any of those things. Instead, they’re downloading their songs from the iTunes store. They’re ripping, pirating and exchanging music. They’re creating their own video productions and videos to share with each other.
Web 2.0 communication is rapidly becoming the norm.
Our challenge, as PR people, is finding an effective way to get our messages in front of them and to actually register.
They’re like my niece. They’re with us but they’re communicating with all the unseen friends through text, Facebook, Myspace and YouTube.
It’s one thing to read the statistics. It’s another to watch it happening in real time. . . .


5 responses to “Flip and Text

  1. We bought two Flip cameras for the office to play around with. Those things are awesome, and you’re right — within minutes, you can have something up and ready to go on the Web.

  2. Yes, I’m going to buy one, too. We had just bought a camera, but for $179 and YouTube ready, how can you go wrong? And yes, I was amazed at the quality –both images and sound — from my daughter’s Flip.

  3. The new issue of Mac Life magazine (Dec 2007) has a review of the “Flip”… they love it… I want one!!!

  4. Thanks for the tip, Matthew. I’ll make sure I check it out.

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