Assessment Time

It’s been nearly a year since I initiated this blog. 

I remember sitting in my office on a frigid February evening with my Jedi Web Geek, Jared, filling out the required WordPress entries, then spending the following Saturday creating my first post.

My goal was to write about stumbling around the Web 2.0 world, sharing thoughts, discoveries and other blogs that I find interesting.  For the most part I’ve done that with occasional wanderings.

Checking my WordPress stats, the most popular blog is Lonely Girl 15—Sex, Mystery and Web 2.0.

I suspect it’s being hit by a lot of young males who are disappointed once they begin reading it.  I’ll admit I put the S word in the title by design as an experiment.   But I won’t do it again.  I’m not interested in numbers as much as I am in an audience who cares about the subjects I write about.

Google Communicates with the Dead  and Dead Part 2 and Google Maps Heaven and Hell have been visited continually since I posted them .  I wrote them as a satire, but with all the progress ubiquitous Google makes they just might try it and they just might pull it off.  If that’s the case you can write to that French professor who failed you and tell him you’re glad he’s in Hell.

I’ve written nearly 100 posts and now it’s time for assessment.  Is the higher ed marketing blog helpful?  Entertaining?   Does it contain useful information?

Are there things you’d like me to explore and write about? 

I need to hear from you. 


2 responses to “Assessment Time

  1. Thanks for creating and writing this blog! Here are some notes about how I read it.

    I usually read this blog in my RSS reader, so I probably don’t show up as a reader of individual posts in your stats. It would just be a hit on the RSS feed; not sure if tracks that.

    Anyway, I enjoy reading the blog. I usually just skim unless it’s a topic that’s on my radar screen at the moment, and I’ll usually follow the link if you’re pointing out something that interests me (e.g., Yahoo Kickstart).

    Suggestion: categories would make it much easier for readers to browse the archives. The month-by-month listing is too time consuming to look through. Show the category list on posts as well as the front page, for people who click directly to the post from a feed. (I think the tags you show now on each post go to all blogs, but I’m talking about categories within your blog.)

    Related question: have you considered opening the blog to multiple authors? I’m seeing this more and more, especially with professional, tech-related blogs.

  2. Thanks, Bill. Great feedback and suggestions. I’ll look into both.

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