A Four-Graph Post on Videos & Blogs

I’ve mentioned Karine Joly CollegeWebEditor blog several times over the past year. If you haven’t subscribed, you should.

I was just catching up on blogs and her site was one of them. In a recent post she shared information about a survey conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project on the increasing use of video social sites. It’s excellent information for any PR person trying to initiate or bolster an online video project program as part of your marketing mix.

Also in the past I’ve mentioned some of my favorite blogs. It occurred to me that you probably have favorite sites, also. Since blogging is all about sharing I would love it if you would send me the urls to some of your “must-have” sites and I’ll share them with this blog’s readership.

I know you’re really really busy but it just takes a couple minutes and it should be fun. It will certainly give us an idea of the variety of folks who visit this blog’s world.


3 responses to “A Four-Graph Post on Videos & Blogs

  1. Thanks, Brad. I subscribe to a couple of these. I’ll check the others out. Thanks for pointing out the blogroll. I had set one up but I guess I never posted it. I’ll correct that.
    I hope others submit their favorites.

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