Random Sunday Thoughts

It’s an icy Sunday afternoon with the wind chill around 15 below but the dogs don’t care.  So we play ball until I’m frozen. Then I come in, thaw, and write. 


I’ve spent hours on the Web, reading blogs and following links and learning stuff I never intended to but am glad I did.  I have Brad Ward to thank for that. I started checking out some of his favorite links until TO (technological overload) sent me for another coffee.


I think about the state of consciousness of different generations.  I still sit in amazement that I can post a comment to the Word Press guys and my photo is searched, found and uploaded with my reply.

I still find it oddly comforting that in this international, instant communication world we address each other by our first names, even though we’ll always be strangers. (That’s an oversimplification that I’ll temper in the future).

I still look at being able to record something with a web cam the size of your palm and upload it instantly as just short of miraculous.

At the same time, to a six-year-old it’s part of the daily routine.  

I don’t know how to reconcile those points of view.  The way younger generations take all this stuff for granted is the way it should be, I suppose.  But are they losing something in the process?

I feel like I have. While whole new worlds open to us everyday, I don’t read books (printed books) as I did years ago.  I used to read two or three books a week.  Now I read 20 blogs  a day and one book a month. (Gregg Braden’s The Divine Matrix and John Dunning’s The Sign of the Book are the current ones).


Steve Jobs dismisses Amazon’s Kindle as an instant failure because Americans don’t read anymore.  I’ve talked about that in previous posts.


I’ve signed up for Tweet Scan though I’ve never used Twitter.  But as a marketing person I need to follow as many conversations as possible about Mansfield University.


 D.W. Simpson has an eye-opening study  that provides one more piece of evidence that high school students search for colleges in a completely different way today.


If I were in the movie/TV industry, the writer’s strike would have me scared sick. 


The public is not complaining.  No clamor for new episodes or new shows.  No mass angst about no new movies.  That loss of viewership that’s been going on for several years is going to continue.  The irony is the strike is about the very industry that’s eating away at traditional entertainment and the longer the strike, the more time we spend on the Web. I’ve said before that once people experience the freedom of downloadable or streaming content, they don’t back to the restrictions of traditional media.


Now, back outside with the dogs — a reality check in more ways than one — then some ginger tea while I read something I can hold in my hand.




4 responses to “Random Sunday Thoughts

  1. a couple things…

    firstly, I don’t think a lack of reading will kill the Kindle… I think it’s the price.

    secondly, your link in your blogroll to “college web editor”‘s blog is broken.. it would appear you have the http:// entered twice.

    Cheers and thanks,

  2. Thanks, Matt. I think you’re right about the price. And thanks for the broken link tip. I’ll fix it.

  3. Glad I could help waste some of your time over the weekend. 🙂 I would have loved to be in your shoes instead of moving all our furniture to the new house during the 6 degree weather!

  4. It wasn’t a waste of time and it was a whole lot better than moving in 6 degree weather. Congratulations on the new house!

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