Do It Wrong Quickly

While searching ebay for a dead detective writer who is the subject of a blog I’m creating, I  discovered Mike Moran, author of  Do It Wrong Quickly.  It’s a gem about today’s marketing. 

I bought the book, browsed some chapters, then started in for a serious read.  Mike is an IBM Distinguished Engineer who has more than 20 years experience in search and related Web technologies.

The book contains  a  ton of new information.  The writing is breezy in the style of the Dummies books (you know, with a lot of asides or humorous remarks in parentheses that sometimes work and sometimes don’t), but I like that. It keeps the reading light. 

Do It Wrong Quickly was just published so it will take awhile for the word to get around but this just may be the marketing book of 2008.  It’s almost a Bible of “ digital strategies and tactics” (from The Forward).

His core message is that traditional media is still important but it’s rapidly taking a back seat to Internet marketing, and marketing on the Internet morphs almost on a daily basis.  Therefore, we don’t have time to hash things  out in meetings over a period of weeks or months.  We have to act now.  Since change is constant, we must try new things, experiment,  discard what doesn’t work and try more new things. 

Then he proceeds to detail how to go about this.  Mike understands three really important things:

1.        Since a lot of Web marketing is free, our most precious commodity is our time.

2.       Some people are resistant to change.  He goes into detail about how to help people (including ourselves) accept change.

3.       Marketing is now a conversation and our audience members vote with mice.

Maybe more later as I move through the book.  But don’t wait for me.  Check it out.



7 responses to “Do It Wrong Quickly

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words. I hope you enjoy the rest of the book and I’d love your feedback on it when you’re finished. Good luck with all of your personal marketing efforts.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Mike. I’ll keep everyone posted as I progress and start doing things wrong.

  3. I found Mike Moran’s extremely easy to read and very useful. Overall the book provided a myriad of actionable ideas and tactics especially useful for today’s marketers (both online and offline). A real good read that should be on everyone’s shelf.

  4. What an interesting way to get people interested in reading! Book trailers are like movie trailers, but for books! You can find them all over the internet now, but here is a site that’s featuring them on YouTube.

  5. Good luck with all of your personal marketing efforts.



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  6. Go head, try to do some thing new you can do many things than you think.
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  7. Great! Thank you for your post.

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