Sunday Afternoon Thoughts Part 2

We had an ice storm Friday. Mansfield University was closed. Everything was closed except stores. We live in a retail society. Let’s see, after 9-11, the President told us to stay calm and go shopping. Okay, there’s some ice out there but Wal-Mart is open and selling for less.

Matt Herzberger asked in his post if he should do two blogs, separating his personal life from his professional. No. I’m like others who replied to him. I like the combination. I like hearing that in addition to working your butt off to keep up with marketing or webbing, that you’re getting a puppy or your four-year-old made you a Valentine’s Day card with your lipstick. If we’re all about conversations, let’s be humans.

Brad Ward is beta testing his and Matt’s new site and it’s a winner. When it’s live I’ll share the news.

I posted earlier about the Flip camcorder. Our usual approach is to buy things on line where we can get them cheaper. This time I went to our downtown Radio Shack because local folks have the franchise. The owner had never heard of the Flip. I showed them to him online. I ordered three and had to wait a week. I paid full price. When they came in I ordered two more. Both the husband and wife who run Radio Shack thanked me several times for keeping it local. The extra $75 I paid for the five Flips was worth a hundred times the investment for their good feelings (and you know what good feelings are worth locally or nationally).

A couple things happened here. They feel good about the university. And because I happened to introduce them to something that’s going to be hot, they have a new product they can push. Of course, I told them I would direct people to them as well.

FJ Gaylor recently wrote a post about hearing ads for colleges on NPR, wondering if this really hit our target audience. Our university has been an underwriter on two area NPR stations for 10 years—WSKG in Binghamton, NY and WVIA in Scranton, PA. Our faculty listens to them all the time and it’s a continual morale booster. Anecdotally, a high school principal came up to a counselor at a college fair and thanked us for supporting our local NPR station. He added that he recommended our university to many of his students.

One day I’ll do a separate post about NPR and the halo effect.


Director Tom’s posts are poetry. I think it comes from living what he loves.

For a year I’ve been trying to get into Facebook and just can’t get excited enough to do it on a regular basis. Anyone else have the same Facebook Resistance Syndrome?


Last week I wrote a post about staying with one subject. On Sundays I break my rules.

The dogs are ready to play ball. I have to scrape ice off the driveway, then clean the bathroom.


4 responses to “Sunday Afternoon Thoughts Part 2

  1. Great post Dennis, very interesting take on that NPR thing. Hadn’t looked at it as a morale booster for faculty and staff, but you’re right can’t beat an upbeat faculty and staff..

    Facebook, have been a big fan of it for a while now, but have found myself using it less and less.

    Higher Ed, what a great dynamic, having so many different dynamics to make it all work. Not just trying to please one group.. It’s great

  2. You’re absolutely going to love the Flip camcorder. It’s working out very well for us already.

    Can’t wait to go live! 😉

  3. Many thanks for sharing my work with your readers 🙂

    Certainly appreciate that!

    Be well, be great, be remarkable…

    Thomas Clifford
    Corporate Filmmaker

  4. FJ: thanks for the thoughtful comment. I appreciate it.
    Brad: I visited butlerbloggers yesterday and you’re onto something. I’ve got to get moving on it.
    Tom: You’re comments are poetry, too

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