BlogHighEd Aggregates “Best of the Best”

I mentioned last week the beta version of BlogHighEd

Obviously, from the link, it’s live.

Brad J. Ward and Matt Herzberger created the site. In their words, “BlogHighEd is a Higher Ed blogger network. We aggregate the best of the best in higher ed from all areas: webmasters, marketers, counselors, vendors, consultants, and more.”

Kyle James, who has to be the most nimble guy in the business, has already posted an interview with Brad and Matt on how the new site came to be.

Aside from being happy to be chosen to be among their initial collection of higher ed bloggers, I’m glad to see this venture which creates a community of like-minded folks. Their list includes many of the blogs that I had on my rss feed, as well as some that are new to me. If you’re like me, your rss feed list has gotten a little out of hand. This site narrows the field to bloggers sharing the same interest in higher ed.

It also forms a community of people I feel I know. It creates a “friend” feeling as opposed to just an “acquaintance” feeling.

If you haven’t already, please check it out and give them feedback.

Congratulations guys. You made it look easy but I know there was a ton of work behind it. I know it will be successful.

Oh, and consider this my feedback!


3 responses to “BlogHighEd Aggregates “Best of the Best”

  1. Thanks. I’ve actually been talking with Matt and Brad since last week about the interview and sent them the questions on Thursday or Friday when they told me I made the cut.

    It ended up working out well because I was able to put the post out about the same time they announced the launch.

  2. Dennis just a quick heads up, great post, I echo this, they did a phenomenal job on the site.

    I agree Kyle is pretty darn sharp, and a great writer.

    Just a quick typo in the first line, could get some unwanted traffic from the link BloHighEd, instead of BlogHighEd

    Take care

  3. Joe, thanks for the typo tip. It’s fixed.
    Kyle, that was pretty forward-thinking, and yes, it did work out well. You nailed it, like, instantly!
    To all who don’t have a photo of themselves, post one! It’s part of the personalization-community thing. We can feel your personality in your words, but the photo brings it home.
    Thanks for your feedback, guys.

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