Sunday Afternoon Thoughts: Part 3

A “lake effect” blizzard just passed through complete with thunder. I keep thinking, “We’re one day closer to spring. . . .” Right now I’m working on three blogs and a podcast. I interviewed Ed Washington, a black English professor about the importance of Black History Month. The conversation led to the 57-year-old prof’s personal experiences growing up in the 50’s and ‘60s. It’s a moving account that encapsulates the culture’s struggle for human rights.


BlogHighEd, the aggregator site created by Matt Herzeberger and Brad J. Ward is amazing. The day after they went live my hits soared. So, again, thanks for including me, and keep up your great energy!


People should really think hard about the name of their business or site. I was searching for paperback titles of William Ard, on whom I’m creating a modest site. I came across a title on Ebay . The dealer’s site was named “dusty crap.” I went no further.


Re: The Old College Try’s post about high school students not reading college recruiting magazines. I was doing a focus group with a group of the brightest seniors in a good school. I asked them about a very respected and aggressive publication. None had heard of it. The guidance counselor said, “We have a whole pile of them in the office!” He ran out and brought copies back. They nodded and returned to the discussion. I had a heart-to-heart talk with the magazine rep, and he said most students use the magazine to go to the publication’s website. Of course, once they go to the site they don’t need the magazine anymore.

Conclusion? I only advertise in magazines that have high-traffic Web sites.


Brad J. Ward is documenting his Facebook project at Butler. Since Mansfield University is developing a new Content Management System, I’m really interested in following his progress.


Checking out other blogs is time-consuming but rewarding as you can see by a couple of the above sites and by Matt Herberger’s post on using WordPress. I didn’t even know about template tags. . . .


Read Mark Greenfield’s post on on “Seven Inviolable, Irrefutable Things You Can Do On The Internet. He sums it from the Book The Revolution Will Not Be Televised . . . .


Chris Brogan has a really good post on creating and Social Media and Social Networking Starting Points.


Bob Johnson’s blog on Internet Marketing is always interesting. Check out this one on the Pew Internet Survey on “Defining ‘reality’ in 2020.”

Or go directly to the Pew site.


I’ve been in higher ed for more than 30 years and have a lot of Baby Boomer colleagues around the country. I’m thinking of doing an occasional blog on “What’s the Most Important Thing You’ve Learned?” I would take a specific topic such as “interpersonal communications,” or “introducing new ideas,” or even “surviving in higher education,” and asking one or two of these veterans for their thoughts/advice.

Let me know if you think it’s worth pursuing.


Gotta go fire up the snow blower. . . .


4 responses to “Sunday Afternoon Thoughts: Part 3

  1. Yes, that’s a great idea, Dennis.

    And, how about asking them how they managed to adapt (or not) to new technologies (the Internet, email, IM, and more recently blogs, social networking websites, etc.)?

  2. Good suggestion, Karine. I will.
    Well, that’s one vote. What are the thoughts of others?

  3. Good info. and read. Will be back soon to read more of your information.

  4. I think that would be a wonderful series if you would be willing to put it together!

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