Sunday Afternoon Thoughts Part 4

Looking at my previous posts, I see two weeks ago we had an ice storm. Last week it was a blizzard. Today it’s raining on six inches of snow. Go figure.


On the University of Illinois killings. Campus police responded in two minutes but it was already over. I hope every college is going through an extensive, exhaustive emergency plan. We began ours right after Virginia Tech. You can’t stop something like this, as our police chief and safety expert told local reporters. But a plan that’s followed – and that includes the administration, information technology, public relations and the police – shows the media that we’re living in the real world. Most importantly, it lets the parents of these horrible tragedies know that the institution did everything it could in a caring, professional manner.


I’m impressed with the candid discussion on Andrew Careaga ‘s Higher Ed site This honest talk (combined with seething passions beneath controlled civility) is refreshing and thought-provoking. It brings up good questions about the role of bloggers, exploitation, attracting readers and, yes, communication. I’d love to see more discussion along these lines. I still marvel at the pioneering age we’re in where rules, protocol and procedure are continually being defined and refined.

BTW, I agree with everyone’s points. As I said in my comments on Andrew’s site, I started my career as a newspaper reporter. While his assessment may sound hard to someone who has never experienced the high of looming deadlines and eventual bylines,Andrew nailed it. Check it out and contribute to the discussion. You can also find the blog, as I did, on BlogHighEd



For fellow bloggers or anyone thinking of blogging, Chris Garrett has an excellent, concise post on how to grow your blog.


Okay, so how long have Jaycut and New Video Pro been around?


I’m beaten. I’ve taken the sex out of Lonely Girl. I tried an experiment and entitled my July 3rd entry Lonely Girl 15: Sex, Mystery and Web 2.0 just to see what it would do. It’s an accurate title and I did get hits, lots of them. But many of them are coming through searches for subjects I don’t even dare mention. Anyway, I want readers who share my interest in higher ed marketing. I don’t care how popular I am (that’s a lie; I care a lot); seriously, I want readers who care about this business. So I changed the title to Lonely Girl 15: S**, Mystery and Web 2.0. Is that going to solve the sex deviant problem? If not, I may have to boot her off my blog, lonely or not.


Deanna at higheredmarketing issued a challenge to rewrite our mission statement in plain English. With everything going on this week, I haven’t gotten to it but I’m going to try.


I interviewed English prof Dr. Ed Washington on the importance of Black History Month for a two-part podcast. I think we were both surprised when the 57-year-old Shakespeare expert began interweaving his personal history with our national history. It turned out to be one of my best podcasts (because of him, not me). There were a few twists that I never saw coming. For music beds I used music by black artists up through the decades. If you have time, check it out and let me know what you think. *

Footnote: I see the higheredmarketing blog is the number 2 referrer on BlogHiEd right below highered.prblogs Thanks to all of you for following my thoughts, experiments and discoveries each week. Oh, and watch out, Andrew Careaga, I’m coming after ya!

Lightnote: John Cleese’s Letter to America

Update:  According to Urban Legends, Cleese didn’t write it.  But it’s still hilarious.





2 responses to “Sunday Afternoon Thoughts Part 4

  1. Dennis – Thanks for sharing your thoughts about how higher ed bloggers have handled the NIU tragedy. I’m going to leave that post at the top of the blog for a couple of days in hope of generating some additional discussion. You’re right – it’s a discussion we don’t often have, but should.

  2. Thanks, Andrew. I hope others check out your entry, give it some thought and contribute.

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