The Passion of Bloggers

A recent flurry of emails among the BlogHighEd contributors has been fascinating. The discussion about bringing on new bloggers created a great conversation about why some people blog and what they want to see on BlogHiEd. What I liked most was the reason they blog—they’re passionate about their subject and they want to share it with others.

Anyone who’s been blogging for a few months or more knows it’s a lot of work. You spend time doing research. You try to keep up with other blogs. You write and rewrite until your copy is dynamic and tight. You throw it out there and hope you’ve contributed something of interest that people will read.

And, you hope for feedback.

When I was a reporter it was the same process. I gathered information, wrote, waited for it to be published. I grabbed the paper the next day to see if the editor changed it and why. I studied how they treated it. Was it a two or three column story? Was it on the front page of the local news, above the fold?

Finally I hoped for feedback from folks on the street.

The only thing that’s changed with blogs is that you are your own reporter, proofreader, editor, layout artist and publisher.

And you don’t get paid.

I have a lot of respect for anyone who can maintain a good blog. Most folks are doing all the above while trying to keep up with:



-processing all the new and morphing info appearing in little daily explosions

BlogHighEd is a great project by a couple young, very busy guys who also decided to allow “members” to vote on the next blogger to be admitted to the aggregator, an act of true democracy. The site is in its infancy and can take several directions. Personally, I like the fairly even distribution of blogs by PR, marketing, alumni and web folks.

I hope everyone involved can maintain their energy, focus and commitment.

Finally, I know readers are just as busy as everyone else. But do try to take a few moments to leave feedback on the blogs you read and make your own contribution to the conversation.

That’s what it’s all about.

(Note:  I made the spelling correction of the BlogHighEd site.  See Comments.)


11 responses to “The Passion of Bloggers

  1. Pssst… you forgot about class 2 nights a week + homework, haha! Great post, this is what it’s all about. I didn’t even feel obligated to comment here, I already knew I was going to before I got to your last paragraph. And that is what makes this, and your other posts, great ones.

  2. Actually, I did remember–then forgot. You must be a master at time management. Thanks for your comment Brad. Now, go do your homework.

  3. Thanks for the promo, I think you are just trying to keep your highest referrer award. We are working on a bunch of features to add to the site, so keep visiting. Also I noticed you keep leaving out the gh in BlogHighEd LOL. I have a promo plan in the works for the site too. I think this thing is really going to take off. But we really appreciate and encourage the input. It will only be as good as the community around it.

  4. I have to knock Andrew out to get to the top. And my God, you’re right! All the preaching I do about being accurate and I have this mental thing about no “gh” in “high.” Thanks for bringing me up on that. I look forward to the new features, and you’re right, Matt. The site is as good as the community. The biggest problem everyone has is lack of time. I find myself skimming blogs, trying to retain as much as I can and going off to the next. At the same time, some really catch me and myself coming up for air an hour later.
    Anyway, what I find most exciting is the experimental, pioneering times we’re in. It’s a constant “high.”

  5. As a photo/journalist on leave to write a historic journal article and historic romance novel, I find myself managing three sites. One is for a writers group I lead (, another of my own writings where I can post background articles on my current writing and any other miscellaneous items, eg. journaling and on New England ( and the third a newsletter for my unique community ( I’ve found them difficult and challenging, especially when the first sites chosen were sold and revamped to uselessness for my purposes. Before the change the writers group site had accumulated over 55,000 hits in one year. Now the site is just building up. I attribute part of my success to presenting good writing, the techniques of which are listed in this article.
    Now that these new sites are set up, hopefully I can do some exploring on sites like BlogHighEd.

  6. Yeah I’m going to have to agree with Brad, I knew I had to comment before I read the last paragraph. Dennis, you just have a way of stepping back and summing everything up nicely. I really don’t know how I find time for anything anymore? I think what I like most about blogging and the community is I feel obligated to write down my thoughts. Although it’s true this takes more time, but it’s wonderful later on when I can just refer to something I’ve already done instead of repeating the same thing over and over again. It’s sort of a way to reflect and be accountable for all the things that go on every day.

    Anyways time to end another day and get ready to do it all again tomorrow!

  7. Carolyn, Thanks. I’ll check out your sites.
    Kyle, thanks for your comments and the good points you make. BTW, 4:06 a.m.?

  8. Good post. As a writer of fiction, journalism, and local history with a background in higher education administration, I found it particularly easy to relate. I’ve recently had some posts on my own blog, the Damian Daily at, that overlap some of the same topics of higher education, writing, and creativity.

  9. Thanks for the comment, Lisa. I’ll certainly check out your site.

  10. I don’t sleep… I’m a work around the clock fanatic… Lol… Kidding. I don’t know why it timestamped it that late. It was probably 11PM EST when I posted.

    It’s like the comment I just posted is timestamped at 4:50PM but it’s definitely only 11:50AM now.

  11. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but
    after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr…

    well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say superb blog!

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