Sunday Afternoon Thoughts Part 6

I’m learning a little more about the blog world everyday.  The link I included last week on vasectomy did several things , some expected, most not.  In a small way it enabled  me to help Abel Pharmboy  find some new readers.  What I did not expect was the fact that his site, Terra Sigillata became my top referrer for two days. Visitors to my site tripled.  Now, over the past five days I’m seeing older blog entries being visited.   This tells me they’re newer visitors checking out the site.  I will make a tiny leap and conclude that some of these new readers first came from Terra Sigillata and decided to poke around.

 If I’m wrong with any of my speculations, please let me know.

Previously my top referrer was BlogHighEd and, and sure enough, when the excitement died down, it returned as #1.  Veteran bloggers know all the above but to experience it is a whole different feeling.  So I guess it reinforces the basics: reach out, connect and share. 

The vasectomy blog wasn’t exactly viral but the Chronicle mention and the number of bloggers who picked up on it made a huge difference.  See Abel’s  figures under “comments” of  Sunday Afternoon 5.


The podcast interview I did with Ed Washington on Black History Month was a winner.  PR tip:  When I posted the podcast, my news director sent a two-graph release on it and fired it off to the electronic  versions of the local newspapers.  The electronic versions of local and regional papers are starving for content.  It’s a huge and growing outlet that we should take advantage of.


Thoughts on Joe Gaylor’s  fascinating post last week and his analysis of competitions.  I agree with him and other  comments that many competitions aren’t what they should be.  

At the same time, I enter a couple competitions every year.  Our department has won a fair number of bout in various fields.  I do this solely for PR reasons.  Publicize in campus publications, on the Web news sites and local news outlets.   It gives you credibility, maybe prestige, with the administration, faculty, community and your peers.

 Hypocrisy?  Not if you know what your goal is.  Just as we market our universities and our programs,  we  need market ourselves.  This goes for Web and publications pros, too. 

Having said that, I thank Joe for all his work on the stats.  His post was an eye-opener.


This week’s Tales From Redesign Land post entitled “I Curse You All  was funny and right on.  The beauty of BlogHighEd,  as I’ve said before, is the variety professionals in higher ed.  BlogHighEd readers have an advantage over those who just read blogs in their own circles because we’re learning points  of view of folks  in a variety of fields.


Visit eduGuru and prepare to lose hours exploring Kyle’s new Links of the Week plus a New Resources  section. 


This week I head to the College and University Public Relations Association spring conference at the grand Hotel Hershey in Hershey, PA.   (Yes, they really have a chocolate spa!) CUPRAP membership is composed of PR  directors, publications directors, Web folks, and marketing pros from colleges throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ohio.  The featured speaker is online marketing consultant Bob Johnson whose blog I’ve been reading for some time.  There’s always some solid stuff here.   I’ll report highlights. in between sessions, chocolate, and, mm other refreshments.  Things get pretty loud after 10 p.m. in the Hugs and Kisses Suite (I’m not making this up.)



3 responses to “Sunday Afternoon Thoughts Part 6

  1. Very interesting to learn about your referrals – since I’m a biomedical scientist and univ educator, I’m sure our readers have overlapping interests and no surprise that they’d want to poke around at your other outstanding offerings.

    It’s worked the same way for me as well: the linkfest post I put up drew other readers to me (like yours) who might not normally stop by Terra Sigillata. Of course, not everyone “sticks” but I’ve gotten about 90 new RSS feed subscribers since that post. The interesting question will be where my weighted average of daily readers settles back – will keep you posted – and thanks again!

  2. Yes, I’ll be interested in the same thing as far as the average daily readers, but the whole process is fascinating, when, as I mentioned, you actually experience it. Do keep me posted and again, thanks for your kind words.

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