Sunday Afternoon Thoughts Part 10

My brain is awash with info overload. (Picture, if you will, an awashed brain).

I just watched a Sun Microsystems –Project Dark Star press conference on MyRagan conducted on Second Life. I’ve been following Second Life since 2006 when Adam Curry ( was going crazy over it. Adam is the only business mogul I know who was cutting edge enough to discover SL and check it out as a business model, then have crazy cyber sex and talk about it with his wife on his podcast.

I’ve stayed away from SL it because I’m trying to avoid anymore addictions. I know professors teach courses on it. A few major companies set up businesses there and most failed.

I can’t get into it. I just can’t.


I don’t want to spend time creating an avatar and learning how to navigate. I also have a problem interacting with a beautiful woman who might really be a 60-year-old male pervert or talking with a muscular, tattooed green guy with black horns who’s probably a 14-year-old kid with more knowledge about code than I will have in 15 incarnations.

Finally, I realized during this SL press conference that I’m really uncomfortable watching a person make a presentation with a closed mouth. One thing basic to all human beings is that when we talk our lips move.

I want your opinion of Second Life – both Web developers and PR folks. What’s your feeling? Have you checked it out? Does Second Life have a future in higher ed marketing? If I’m missing something, set me straight.


MyRagan, by the way, is a site (and a very good one) produced by The Ragan Report. It’s a grab bag of the latest in PR thinking and experimenting.

When you’re tired of serious stuff, they offer clips from The Onion (The White House Deputy Press Secretary putting a positive spin on his wife’s death (very dark humor) and Jon Stewart.

If you have a chance, check out the site (I know—NOT ONE MORE!) but there are some good ideas and conversations going on here.

IT folks should be interested in this myragan blog post: IT People. . . They’re Really Not THAT Bad

PR folks –well, everybody– will appreciate, Jon Stewart’s take on the “worst PR person ever.

As an experiment, I posted my blog, The Passion of Bloggers on MyRagan just to see if I could attract more readers and if it would send visitors to BlogHiEd.

Which brings up another question. On how many social sites should we post our blogs? My personal blog ( is on my Word Press site and Facebook. This blog is on Word Press and BlogHighEd, and could potentially show up on Facebook and MyRagan.

A bunch of questions in this post but I’d love to have some conversations about them.


6 responses to “Sunday Afternoon Thoughts Part 10

  1. I wish I could find the article, but I read not to long ago that SL is flush with problems. Everything from it not making money to lots of server errors and downtime. I think it’s an admirable project, but I think it’s going to be something else that follows it that truly succeeds. People just aren’t quite ready for it yet.

    As far as posting your blog to multiple sites I do it to any I can. I think the one trick to doing this is don’t create duplicate content, but syndicate your content where it directs traffic back to your blog. It’s creating buzz and awareness about your content. You create good content but what’s it worth if nobody knows about it and is reading it?

    BlogHighEd is the perfect example. It doesn’t repeat your content just provide a intro and link back to the main content. I do this on Lots of sites including, Facebook, MySpace, University Web Developer, Grazer, MyBlogLog, etc…

    Hope that helps…

  2. Kyle,
    If you can find the article, I’d be very interested in reading it. Thanks for the thoughts about multiple sites. It’s good advice.

  3. I agree with Kyle and don’t think Second Life is a long term solution. That being said, there is definitely a future for MMORPG in Higher Ed. The Horizon Report has mentioned this as a trend in their latest reports. Spend any time with a teenager and virtual reality and MMORPG have replaced simple video games as their first choice for entertainment.

  4. Thanks, Mark. I hadn’t heard of MMORPG. I’ll check it out.

  5. Drew, thanks. I hope everyone interested has a chance to read it.

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