Sunday Afternoon Thoughts Part 13

Good article in Ad Age on aggregate news sites. This is going to be an interesting process to watch as the cost of creating news content continues to rise. Anyone who’s been in PR for awhile has seen the shrinking news staffs and found ourselves providing the news content which is often used word-for-word.

Gabe Rivera, founder of Techmeme, had this to say about the trend. “I expect efforts in news aggregation by established media companies to fail overwhelmingly,” he wrote in an e-mail. “Successful aggregators have largely come from (1) enterprising individuals; (2) pioneering new concepts; and (3) [those who are] motivated by ownership of their project. Most big-media news-aggregation projects, lacking all three elements, are doomed. I expect somewhat better things from independent projects.. . .


Alexander Van Elsas has a good post on Web 3.0 and elimination of noise. It’s something we’re all going through to some extent.


Found this impassioned and inspiring entry on Director Tom’s blog, entitled The Other Half of My Soul


Click on the links. They’re just as passionate and heartfelt.

Fascinating short post on Twitter. The comment-chatter following the post rounds out the Steve Rubel post.


I found it mildly amusing in a synchronicity way, that the next post I ran across was Andrew Careaga’s news about Summize, a Twitter Search Engine. (Oh, and congratulations, Andrew, on being top referrer.)


Okay, Saturday was sunny and in the 90’s. My wife and I worked outside all afternoon, with breaks to play ball with the dogs. I have the kind of pleasant sunburn that stings just slightly and the kind of feeling that one with a day of physical labor after months of semi-hiberation.

I’m pooped.

I’m going to lay back with some cold mint tea and John D. MacDonald.


2 responses to “Sunday Afternoon Thoughts Part 13

  1. Thanks, again, for sharing my thoughts with your readers 🙂

    After attending the Blogger Social in NY, it took a week just to think about what I could possibly say in words that could close to reflecting the experience of sharing stories with 80+ brilliant minds in social media/marketing.

    Blogger Social ’09…highly recommended for professional and personal growth!

    Take care,

    Thomas Clifford
    —Corporate Filmmaker

  2. You’re welcome, Tom. After reading the enthusiastic reports, I’m betting you’ll have a huge crowd of bloggers next year.

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