Sunday Afternoon Thoughts Part 16

In my last post, guest Dick Jones wrote about the demise of newspapers, happening in part because they refuse to let go of their double digit profits. Ad Age has begun a series entitled Newspaper Death Watch. The first installment mentions many of the same problems Dick did. I’ll be following this series and provide a link to each installment. Intriguing stuff.


Related to the death of newspapers and the huge transition we’re experiencing in news gathering- dissemination (and PR and marketing) is Chris Brogan’s post on Some Differences Between Pitching Mainstream Press and Bloggers. There are some marked differences and, of course, a lot of similarities.

Most revealing are the responses when Chris Twittered his friends for their opinions. Read this in full and think about it. There’s a lot about passion, opinions, homework, freebies . . .oh, yes, and pimping.


Martin Weller is a Professor of Educational Technology at the Open University in the UK. I’ve subscribed to his blog, The Ed Techie for quite awhile but, like everyone else, I don’t get to all my feeds as often as I’d like.

In the virtual world this April 7 post, Whither the Blogosphere, might be considered old, but it’s relevant, well-written and thoughtful. It’s about the possible trend of bloggers moving away from the blogosphere and into different forms of communication on the Web. Martin writes in part:

What I think is happening is another example of technology succession. The blog was the primary colonizer for the barren landscape of online identity. The presence of this colonizer changed the environment, which made it more amenable to secondary colonizers. . .


I found this interesting entry on The Ed Techie’s recent post, Making Connections 2.0

Blogger Tony Hirst was criticized harshly at a conference for having his laptop to do some live blogging. Both his account and the comments give some great insights into the schism between traditionalists and 2.0 practitioners.


John C. Dvorak, VP at the former Podshow, explains the name change to Mevio. His post is short and to the point. The 68 responses range from agreement, to anger to thoughts on the term “podcasting,” branding, search engines, etc. Again, interesting insights into our fast-changing times.


Finally, I need your insights and ideas.

Three weeks ago I did the three-part post on the drug bust. A week later I followed it up with a report on another one. As I posted them, each one attracted a larger-than-usual number of views. They continued to get a steady but lower number of views, which is the norm. Then, Friday night, views of these posts suddenly jumped way, way up. The views continued growing throughout Saturday, giving me one of my top five days ever. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Any ideas as to why this seemingly untimely explosion of interest?


6 responses to “Sunday Afternoon Thoughts Part 16

  1. Do you have any tracking to tell where the traffic is coming from? Maybe one of the stories got Stumbled or something? It’s hard to tell unless you have some kind of tracking to know where the visits are coming from and you need inlink information for that. Did I loose you? 🙂

  2. I appreciate the links to the Newspaper Death Watch series in Ad Age and to the “Some Differences” post. Both very useful to me.

  3. Kyle, No, I need to do that. Right now I’m just using what WordPress provides. Do you have any recommendations?
    Dick, glad the links are helpful. Newspaper Death Watch is a pretty morbid but really effective headline.

  4. First off you need something on here to notify commenters that a follow-up comment has been left. 🙂 You should install Google Analytics on this blog. I think you would have a lot of fun looking at the data.

    I just quickly scanned it, but I think this post will get you started w/ Google Analytics.

  5. Also by the way I just stumbled your Douchebag post so watchout as you might get a lot of random traffic for it… HILARIOUS! 🙂

  6. Thanks, Kyle. I’ll do that. I just added StatCounter which I really like but I need to add Google Analytics as well.
    And thanks for your comment on the D-word post. Believe me, I spent a lot of time writing it and even more time wondering if I should post it. It will be an adventure seeing where the traffic comes from!

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