Sunday Afternoon Thoughts 20

No business in today’s post.

While working on my William Ard site, I scoured eBay looking for his books which are very hard to find. During that process I became re-addicted to eBay which I write about in my perfect song blog. I also rediscovered John D. MacDonald, one of the finest suspense writers of the 20th century. I was a JDM fan many years ago and read a lot of his books. He wrote about 80 novels. I mention him because MacDonald, writing from the 1950s through the 80s, was a prophet, examining terrorists, terrorism, and the inevitability of a terrorist attack in the U.S. (The Green Ripper). He was also an environmentalist, predicting just about everything that has happened. He was also a nonconformist who hated big business, developers, the corporate world, and dirty politics.

Here’s a passage from The Green Ripper, 1979:

We run a strange kind of country in the modern world. Customs and Immigration are in a sense token services. Any plausible-looking person can find many ways to come and go unimpeded. Anything that can be flown or floated can be brought in or taken out. We are but a wide place in the road in the middle of the world, and they wander through, back and forth, marveling at the lack of restraints. It is a paradox. The openness which endangers our system is the product of the policy which says that to close our borders and enforce all our rules and back them up with guns would change the system just as completely as any alien force.

Terrorism is going to pay us one fat bloody visit. But it will only be a visit. They underestimate our national resilience. Aroused by that kind of savagery, we will become a very tough kind of people.”

MacDonald was a visionary. Add him to your summer reading. He will reward you for your time.

Then, I took my cue from blogging colleagues and shut down my computer. I worked in the garden, did some grilling and on a beautiful Sunday afternoon went to the cemetery to pay respects and send my love to my grandparents, my father, and my younger brother who died two months ago.

Later I’ll try to tune into a two-hour radio show I produced several years ago as a tribute to our World War II veterans. It airs every Memorial Day as a gift to them and to all our troops.

Sometimes you have to put things in perspective and realize many things are important.

And some things are more important.


One response to “Sunday Afternoon Thoughts 20

  1. Glad you powered down for a while over the weekend.

    That quote from MacDonald is eerily prescient.

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