Local.com Legit. Still Not Interested.

You know, I thought a long time before posting the previous blog about www.local.com I’m not usually so direct or critical. I thought about it all day today as the hits kept coming.

Then at 2:30 p.m. today something happened that blew away my vacillation. My news director forwarded a call to me.

Before I proceed there’s one thing I left out of yesterday’s post. The two sales women I talked with had heavy Latino accents. I left it out because I didn’t think it was relevant.

When I answered the forwarded call, a male said, “Hello. My name is Brad Miller.” He had a thick mid-Eastern accent. Brad Miller? I don’t think so.

He went on. “I represent local.com and I just want to verify your street address for your listing.” He proceeded to read off a different street number than the woman yesterday. I politely interrupted.

“I talked with someone from your company yesterday,” I said.

“Excuse me?”

“I talked with a local.com representative yesterday.”

There was a hesitation. “Oh, and what was the result?”

“I’m not interested.”

“Oh. Well, thank you very much.”

Same pitch, different accents.

I came away with some new thoughts. First, these hired guns must be given information, all of it faulty in my case. They figure they’ll be forwarded eventually to the right office. I wish I had played the game longer to talk with the supervisor and see if he or she had the same accent. That would tell me that they’re calling from different countries, which is not unusual. A couple years ago when I was having problems with my Dell laptop, I talked with two reps in India and one in the Philippines. I know because I asked them.

I went back to local.com twice. You get, as I said before, your business listing, phone number and street address. To the right is a map with a road and a pin in it. You can hit a link for a more detailed view.

Some more searching for information and reviews showed me that local.com is large and legit. I just don’t like their sales tactics and the fact that I would have to call them to unsubscribe after the first free month.

In fact, on their site they urge you to get your business listed with them, saying, “It’s fast, FREE and easy.” It’s not a lie. It’s just misleading as hell.

I did get something out, though. I did a search for motels in New York City just to see local.com’s reach.

I clicked the Affinia Dumont Hotel link and found an “insider tip” that it has rooms with removable walls so “couples can enjoy massages, facials or other treatments together.”


9 responses to “Local.com Legit. Still Not Interested.

  1. Why couldn’t someone with a middle eastern accent be named Brad Miller? If the accents of the callers had been more palatable to you, would that have made a difference in terms of their sales pitch / tactics?

  2. Seems pretty reasonable to me. The only Brad Miller’s I know are a white congressman and a white basketball NBA player.


  3. Eric,
    Your point is well taken. The sales pitch and the tactics are what I object to in any accent.

  4. Dennis – Thanks for responding to my comment. I appreciate your response…

  5. Eric,
    It’s all about the conversation and you questioned something that I hesitated using in the first place. So, I guess you confirmed my initial doubts.

  6. I’ve had 7 calls in two days from these people. They will not take a very loud and obvious hint.

  7. Total scam! They just play the numbers game and hope that people forget to cancel the subsciption. I think everyone knows how the old record company scams worked in the 80’s.

    Local.com won’t be around long.

  8. I was called yesterday by a man saying he was from Local.Com. Since I have a business, he “Just wanted to verify information about my company, to list me for “Free” for 30 days. Not knowing this was a scam I answered his questions. After verifying all the Info., he then continued on with his pitch. Since I didn’t feel comfortable with this , I immediately hung up. He then immediately called back telling me Iwould have to pay $49.95 after 30 days. I told him I would pay nothing for this, and after seeing your comments I’m glad I did. Thank You!!!!!!!

  9. was an article I liked. Thanks for sharing.

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