Summer & the Art of Blog Maintenance

I had a moderate breakthrough this holiday weekend. The weather was beautiful. I worked in the garden and played with the dogs (a German Shepherd and two Australian blue heelers).

My wife and I cleaned and stained two of our four decks. We built all of them and ever since I’ve wondered what the hell we were thinking.

I thought of writing a blog post. Then the thought rolled away as quietly as the large marshmallow clouds above.

We spent Sunday on the decks again. In between I made barbecued spare ribs and a tomato sauce with oregano from the garden to pour over angel hair spaghetti. I simmered them for seven hours and invited my son and his girlfriend up for dinner. We had coffee and my wife’s peanut butter pie on the deck, made small talk and had a quiet, relaxing time.

I appreciated every moment of it.

I did not think about the blog world.

Through the summer at least, I’m going to slow down on them.

Why? For the same reasons you should.

The biggest reason is that summer is very short, at least here in the northeast.

Secondly, I’m behind on a lot of other things I enjoy. I want to read the last two issues of Mac World, PC World, and Wired.

I want to read more slowly and follow more links on my fellow BlogHighEders’ posts.

I want to at least scan the 30 or so RSS feeds on my Google Reader..

I’m aching to get back to work on my second novel, whose characters are as real to me as anyone in this dimension.

Most of all, I don’t want to strain to get a post up. I want each post to have meaning and make a difference in at least one person’s life or job.

Mark Twain once said that when he found he couldn’t write, he did other things and let the well fill up again, and it always did.

I’m going to fill it by doing a lot of the above. I write this because I know everyone of you is in the same situation – too much to do, too little time.

Make time. Then enjoy it.

* * *

Having said all that, I read Ken Wheaten’s blog, “Fox News PR: You’ll Get a Fair and Balanced Beating” about David’s Carr’s column in the New York Times, “When Fox News Is The Story.”

I love Carr’s writing style and approach to the subject. But it made me cringe to see Fox’s PR people– probably accurately– depicted as a tightly-woven band throat-ripping media hit men with the morals of a piranha. Their tactics just reinforce the stereotypes that the PR profession has been trying to overcome.

Read it.

Then go do something fun.


4 responses to “Summer & the Art of Blog Maintenance

  1. Good for you! You should blog because you want to, not because you feel obligated to. Enjoy the summer while you can because soon we’ll be knee deep in snow again 😦

  2. Nice post – do people actually remember when the summers were slow?

  3. Thanks for the comments and support, Karlyn and Paul. The post was heartfelt and you took it to heart.

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