Not a Mac Master

As I wrote in my last post a long time ago, I’m slowing down on the professional side to catch up on the personal side.
(Actually the two, as it is for most of us, is inextricably mixed)
One goal among many is to learn to use my Mac. I bought it a year-and-a-half ago partly as a tax write-off but mainly because I’d read so much from Mac users. I’ve never seen such a loyal, devoted bunch.
The fact that the Mac Book is just plain cool looking helped, too.
I really dived into it the first few months, then got busy and it was just too easy to fire up the Dell Inspiron to do my writing and web surfing.
Then I started using iPhoto and found how easy it was, doing all I needed in a much more intuitive way then the much more expensive Fireworks.
Then my Dell decided it couldn’t connect with the Web anymore. I fooled around with LinkSys and a couple other things.
I finally decided this would be the excuse to fully dive into the Mac world. Like learning a foreign language, you can repeat phrases, and read in the language and fool around for years, or you can go to the country and immerse yourself in the language as it’s truly spoken and experience how the language is part of the culture, the daily life, the history and all that makes the country and language what they are.
So I’m in the Mac universe and parts of it are driving me crazy. The pdf I downloaded. Where is it hiding?
If I want information on my hard drive in Windows I simply click C and preferences. Not so in Mac.
On the recording and mixing side, I know Adobe Audition inside out. I’ve been using it since it was Cool Pro. I have a feeling Garage Band is easy but I don’t have the inclination or time to learn a new program (which contradicts everything I said above).
The other problem I have is that our campus is totally PC, so for me to try to use iCal or other Mac organizing features is really duplication and would make my life even more disorganized, which my life can’t take.
Then there are the tiny things that probably makes you Mac vets laugh. Where in Hell’s name do I find a word count? I’m a writer. I write words and then I count them. Sometimes I count them as I write.
Okay, as I write this I fool around, click Edit and click writing tools, then Show Statistics. Three steps I found by accident. Word gives you the word count on the lower left of your screen.
I’m not complaining. I’m learning.
And you’re probably chalking up one more PR guy who needs to get a life.
Anybody out there with some quick, wise Mac tips, send them on. . . .


2 responses to “Not a Mac Master

  1. Not sure how quick or wise these tips are…

    How to use garageband (YouTube search)

    Tips for a new mac user (YouTube search)

    Now get back to staining those decks.

  2. Brad, TJ, thanks for the helpful hints. And, yes, we’re still staining decks!

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