San Diego With Jet Blue

Note: This is first post in a series that two weeks ago I could not even imagine writing.  It’s all about adventure, change and what it means to be really alive.  Oh, and there’s a bit about marketing, too).

After two years of living with us on the East Coast, my wife’s mother decided she’d like to go back home to Coronado, CA  My wife wanted  to drive.  We had done that before with me driving her step-father who nearly died on the road in New Mexico, and Linda driving her mother.    We found that America on the road is not handicap accessible.  People are friendly and helpful but buildings and services  aren’t.
I decided  on this trip to study marketing where ever I could.  It began with Jet Blue.

We drove our new Nissan Sentra 120 miles to the  Rochester airport where we would leave for JFK airport and then take a direct flight to San Diego.  Linda had instructed Jet Blue that we were traveling with an elderly, handicapped woman.  We also had two large luggage bags, two small ones and our computers.  When I pulled up to the curb, a distinguished looking middle-aged African American man met us.  “I represent a private firm, sir  and can help you with all of this.” I didn’t argue.

Within moments he had our bags  on a cart and a wheelchair for my mother-in-law.
I parked the car and ran back to  the check-in.  The man asked to see my ticket.  “Your wife said you are  not sitting together.  Let me take care of it.”  In a few minutes he was back with new seating and our luggage checked.
Big tip.
Jet Blue personnel had us and other with handicapped persons  and children board first.  During the whole flight I found Jet Blue staff to be courteous, helpful  and most of all, efficient.  When, on the second flight from JFK, thee was a mix up on seating, they fixed it quickly and quietly to, I think, everyone’s satisfaction, certainly ours.
Their slogan, “Happy Jetting,” was placed  in all passenger areas, but not ostentatiously. 
There were no  delays.  In fact we arrived in San  Diego early.  Pilots and staff thanked  each passenger for flying Jet Blue.
Most of these things happen on most airlines but with Jet Blue I got the feeling of a customer-oriented company that operates with confidence from the top down.
Next post: The underground society surrounding us.  


5 responses to “San Diego With Jet Blue

  1. I LOVE JetBlue….I won’t fly anything else when they can get me where I need to go.

  2. I have been a fan of JetBlue for a few years now and noticed immediately the continuity in the branded “experience” they offer and stand behind. I knew they were different when waiting on hold for a reservation agent the “waiting message” was how holding isn’t so bad, “just like when your holding hands in front of the fireplace” or something to that affect. I have flown them many times over the years and for the most part it is a “refreshing” experience. I am a JetBlue fan or even groupie at this point.

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  5. That’s quite a post…

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