To Kyle, The Future, and Blogging

While going through some blogs this afternoon I reread Kyle’s six month report on blogging.  When I first read it I apparently never scrolled all the way down where he asked several of his favorite bloggers to post thoughts about what blogging meant to them.  I was honored that I was on the list and horrified that I hadn’t responded.
His post was dated July 8. . . .
That’s a century in the blog world.
But I’ll proceed anyway.
I’ve been a writer since I was a teenager.  I became a newspaper reporter I was 18.  I’ve written for newsletters, magazines, radio, TV and the Web.  I published a novel a few years ago.

Writing to me is communication.  I love sharing news, thoughts, posing questions, getting responses. Interaction.
Blogging is among the most gratifying forms of communication I’ve done.  I bask in the freedom of writing a post of any length, anytime.
Looking for a comfortable niche, I chose higher ed marketing, though there are many professionals out there with more knowledge and expertise. I find myself scrambling, as Kyle notes, to keep up with the latest news and developments in the field.  Maybe 10% of what I find goes into my blog.
One of the surprises in my blogging venture is that the most popular posts tend to be those that are about my own experiences in PR, writing, and most recently, a personal journey.  It underscores a couple things:
-People are hungry for knowledge
-Everyone loves a good story
The BlogHighEd community is a joy. The diversity of age groups and professions creates a wide variety of information to be shared and discussed.  I like the musings of the veterans. I love the energy of the younger professionals. I learn from your discoveries and experiments that you share with enthusiastic generosity. I read your posts knowing that I’m watching and interacting with pioneers at work, people who will be the future leaders in your fields.
That’s what blogging is for me.

It’s community in the best sense of the word.
Kyle, I hope this post is a case of better late than never. Comments, as always, are appreciated.


3 responses to “To Kyle, The Future, and Blogging

  1. Ha, it’s always better late than never. I definitely enjoy your stories and through them you are better able to connect on a personal level with individuals.

    So definitely keep them coming!

  2. Thanks, Kyle. Will do, and I’ll continue to tryto keep pace with the links you discover.

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