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I follow a lot of blogs outside the higher ed realm, searching for new ideas, different ways of approaching problems, and new trends.  Here are a few from Ad Age I thought BHE folks might be interested in.

10 Reasons Your Corporation Shouldn’t Blog is right on.  As usual, the responses are just as insightful.

Microsoft Vs Apple Fight Enters New Round is a fascinating look at how Microsoft is trying to change its image by ripping off  (or  riding on) Apple. The first “rounds,” by the way, were the Bill Gates/Seinfeld ads which went viral (as planned, I suspect).  While most professionals felt the ads failed, I thought the concept was genius.  Judging by responses, I’m in the minority.

Here’s the link to the article about the first ad.

Why genius?  The concept of Bill Gates satirizing himself, being a straight man to Seinfeld, takes guts but it also shows Gates with a nice comic (read “human”) touch.  Also, it was developed for the Web where it hit more viewers than any TV spot.
The second spot was even better and elicited this article, . . .an Ad About Nothing.

While the videos are clever, I’m most interested in the writer’s take on it, as well as the comments, revealing other pros’ thoughts, and more importantly, their feelings.  Professionals actually get worked up when talking about Microsoft and Apple!
One of the comments mirrors my own feeling that Apple is not selling computers and iPods.  Apple sells a lifestyle.
The articles/comments provide provocative insight into the competitive, uncertain world of today’s advertising and Apple’s success in creating a brand as a way of life.
Isn’t that what we’re all striving for?


2 responses to “Blogs, Microsoft, Apple & Brands

  1. I read a comment that resonated with me too: Microsoft should embrace their inner geek! So what if PC users aren’t seen as hipster dudes like the Apple guy. Those Apple commercials actually make PC out to be pretty likeable! If Microsoft used that guy, focused on his good qualities instead of highlighting everything that could go wrong as Apple obviously wants to do in the ads, he could be a pretty sweet spokesperson for the brand. People who love Apple are going to stick with Apple. There are plenty of us out there, myself included, who have no problem with our PC. We may not be as vocal or competitive about our preference as Apple users, but so what? Maybe we’re seen as a little geekier – oh well! Bill Gates is richer than Steve Jobs, right? Something to be said for being on the geek’s side.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Alison. You make some really good points. Your insight about the “PC” being likeable is right on.

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