Little Deaths and Scattered Thoughts

Lying on the couch at 12:40 p.m. watching the oak leaves outside wistfully sigh from green to yellow.  Week seven recovering from the car accident I chronicled earlier. While I occasionally get antsy I’m never bored.  Too many books and blogs to read, podcasts to listen to, applications to try, plug-ins to play with.  And now, with Hulu, there’s a new world of programs to watch–Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock specifically. Great article in Oct. Wired on how Hulu is yet another step in changing how we live.

(Feel the synapses crackle in joyful rearrangement).

A friend loaned me season four of The Office, whose characters had to have been based on real people on my campus.

We were just featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and in USA Today and I decided to produce a radio spot around it

I’m now allowed to walk up and down steps so I hiked slowly upstairs to my studio and wanted to hug my mic. It felt good to record and mix again.

Last night I played with a set of new Giant Squib omnidirectional stereo mics, hand made for $65 and outperforming mics that sell for 10 times the price. They’re designed with the Zoom H2 in mind and they’re perfect.  Take this as an unabashed endorsement.

Reflecting on how the embodiments of the 20th and 21st centuries debated last Thursday. McCain was smug and kept falling back on war, security, fear.  Obama was realistic, hopeful and referred to Google. Talk about brands!  Up to the mid-20th Century, Mississippi was openly segregated. In the early 21st century in a debate in Mississippi, moderator Jim Lehrer pointed out  to the two candidates:  “One of you is going to be the next president of the United States. . . .”


The breeze outside gently detaches a little army of leaves that spin downward, not seeming to mind their little deaths, their return to earth.


6 responses to “Little Deaths and Scattered Thoughts

  1. Ouch, I think I may have pulled something while reading your blog… Although, you seem to have a good handle on covering Categories and Tags, the agonizing chalkboard scratching thing you call “deep thoughts” is a bit too much. You know what I can’t believe about Obama, who affectively has less foreign policy experience than Sarah Palin (and remember, he’s going for the big job), and is worse than Bush when speaking without a teleprompter and notes, can say over and over again how great China is. Has he ever been to China? Does he ever see the documentaries that have to be smuggled out of China? Is Obama really that stupid to wish for what the Chinese have? I’ve been to China… and China is no Socialist nirvana – not even close. The government is corrupt and ruthless and the ordinary citizen has to take it on the chin and scratch out a dismal living – and that’s middle class. I realize you may never allow my comment to be posted, but dude you need wake up and use your intellect. Else, you’re just another loss soul swimming in a fish bowl (Pink Floyd).

  2. I think your last paragraph is beautifully written. It reads like poetry.

  3. Argghhh! Why did you have to mention Hitchcock and Twilight Zone! Now I want to watch some classic horror. Both Hitchcock and TZ were masterful in their treatment of the sublime — heirs of Edgar Allen Poe. How I long for the days when directors artfully played on our psyches without resorting to slash and gore.

  4. They’re timeless.
    The bonus is seeing a lot of actors like Robert Redford, Rod Steiger and others at the beginning of their careers. And William Shatner in the classic episode, “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” written by “I Am Legend” author Richart Matheson. Don’t get me started . . . .

  5. I am definitely on information overload myself…always have too much to read or learn…at some point you just have to do it I guess.

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