Obama, McCain, Education

I hope in the Wednesday debate  something comes up about each candidate’s stand on education.  I’m interested in more than just higher education.  I’ve been in the business  long enough to see a generation of students enter college totally unprepared.  I have high school teacher friends who say that students come up from junior high unprepared.  I have a junior high teacher friend who spends time teaching students how to use two syllable words.  These students are grade school graduates.

Colleges are continuing to be treated as the last stop.

Here’s an analogy.  A department on campus needs a publication.  We ask when they need it then we begin the planning process. How long will the final product take to be printed? How long does the designer need?  How long does the writer need?  Factor in proofing and approvals at each step.

Many times the information needed for copy comes in late.  Or it gets stalled with the person who needs to review and approve it.  Or someone isn’t happy with the design and wants revisions.

Suddenly we find ourselves behind  because of the lateness of others.  The usual client reaction?  Do whatever you need to do to make the deadline.  We need that publication.

Well, higher ed is in the same position.  Students, beginning in elementary school, are sent up through the grades unprepared and this lack of preparation grows exponentially until they hit college. And the colleges are told: Fix it. Do whatever needs to be done to prepare these students for careers and meaningful lives.

I’d like our candidates to address the overall problem of lack of preparation of students from first grade on.  I’d like them to talk about increasing support for education and finding ways to reward innovation.

I’d like to see strong leadership to help haul education into the 21st century.

I was going to include links to sites outlining each candidate’s thoughts about education but that would lead to unnecessary controversy, I’m sure.

We’re all in higher ed and can find the sites.  Just Google the candidate’s name + education as well as the candidate’s name + higher education.

Sure, we have serious economic problems right now, but in the long run, an educated citizenry is the only thing that will preserve our country’s health and vigor.

Candidates, what do you say?


4 responses to “Obama, McCain, Education

  1. Yeah, I agree with you educated citizenry is the only thing that will preserve our country’s health and vigor. 🙂

  2. I was happy to see the candidates FINALLY address education during the final debate. I posted something about both parties’ platforms on my blog a few weeks ago that you might find interesting and/or relevant to this discussion. See the post Political platforms and higher education.

  3. Thanks, Andrew. I checked out your post. You’re right. There’s not much specific.
    I’m afraid with the tanking economy, education may take a back seat again, although Obama keeps it on his list of priorities in the debates.

  4. interesting post. I also feel education will not get its due. It isn’t on the radar it seems.

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