Years of Struggle, A Night of Hope

Karlyn Morissette’s recent blog about the election and Karine’s and Alison’s response gave me pause to think about what’s happening right now as I write this.

As a Baby Boomer, I’ve experienced a fair amount of American history.  I remember what junior high classroom I was sitting in when we were told President Kennedy had been assassinated.

I watched the news of the moon landing and feeling very much part of an exuberant, proud and united America.

We experienced other assassinations that both shocked and divided the country.

In 1969, as a young reporter, I nearly caused a riot in my hometown because I wrote an article about a local boy who dodged the draft, taught music to needy kids in San Francisco and came back to town and said he thought he was doing as much for America as soldiers in Vietnam.  The story came out one week after I did an article on the first hometown boy to die in Vietnam.

The resignation of President Nixon was traumatic and healing to an entire U.S.

Future historians looking back at the last eight years, I’m sure will deem it one of the darkest times in our history.

Oh, and the Civil Rights movement.  It took time and results were gradual but we’re seeing them in full now.

I don’t know if Barak Obama will win.  I hope with all my heart he does, for many reasons.  One of them is, like John Kennedy, Obama inspires hope and unity.  We desperately need these things back in our lives.

Karlyn, thanks for making me think about my experiences in the context of history.  Karine and Alison, thanks for your perspectives and enthusiasm.  I really hope tomorrow morning you have reason to be proud of America.

I hope we Americans can once again be proud of America.

I hope we can all look back and say these were the years America struggled, and stumbled, and finally grew up.


4 responses to “Years of Struggle, A Night of Hope

  1. You sure can be proud of America! What an incredible night.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience, Dennis. Believe it or not, but I cried for 2 to 3 minutes when they announced his victory. This is the proof that the America I love is back.

  3. Dennis – Thanks for adding your perspective. Your love for your nation comes through loud and clear by your words.

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